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5 Competitive Hiring Strategies for 2024

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Greta Cline, CFO
Greta Cline
Partner, CFO/COO
January 8, 2024

It’s 2024, and you’re wondering what’s in store on the hiring landscape. Nobody has a crystal ball, but we do expect the demand for workers to stay competitive, especially as Baby Boomers move into retirement and companies evolve to fill in the missing pieces. It’s still a job seeker’s market, and savvy hiring managers will have to be strategic if they want to find the right candidates for their open positions.

One thing is certain – you don’t want to sit on open positions while you determine the company’s next step.

“Vacant positions cause extra stress on team members, and dedicated employees begin to stray,” said Derek Kibble, That’s Good HR’s new Director of RPO Services.

In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, the That’s Good HR team has compiled some fresh ideas for staying ahead in the hiring market. With more than 20 years’ experience in Indianapolis-area staffing, we’ve seen what works when it comes to staffing. We also know what causes talented candidates to seek work elsewhere. Read on for some timely hiring strategies:

Interview quickly and provide feedback to keep the candidate interested during the hiring process

A quick response can mean the difference between interviewing promising candidates or losing them to your competition. When companies contact That’s Good HR to fill an open position, we try to provide qualified candidates to interview within the first 24 hours. As Derek noted above, time matters when it comes to open positions. You want to fill your openings quickly, but you don’t want to compromise candidate quality by rushing the process. That’s Good HR can help you accomplish your goals with our talented candidate pool. In return, you can keep the process running smoothly by giving us timely feedback after the interview.

Keep in touch with your applicants

When you start the interview process, you may also be competing with other similar companies around town who need qualified candidates. Keep the conversation going throughout the interview process, even if it’s a quick note to let a candidate know they’re still in the running for your position. Otherwise, you risk being ghosted because another company communicated more efficiently. Our recruiting staff at That’s Good HR is invested in a continued conversation with candidates and employers to move the hiring process quickly and efficiently.

Review your onboarding process

When you bring in a new employee, you want them to feel welcomed and plugged in immediately to the company culture. Having a well-planned onboarding process can help your new hire know they’ve made the right decision to join your company.  In our experience, these pivotal first few weeks can determine how long an employee stays in a position. Make sure the conversation flows both ways. If you’re working with That’s Good HR, you can count on our recruiters to follow up with your newest employee and help work through any initial concerns or questions.

Skip the interview process and have That’s Good HR send you someone for a working interview instead

At That’s Good HR, we are big fans of the temp-to-hire model. Temp-to-hire means an intent to hire, but there’s a set end date, just in case. This is a great solution for companies that need to hire someone right away. It’s also a great arrangement for both sides to test the waters before signing at the dotted line. A working interview will move the hiring process forward faster. That’s Good HR can help you determine what you should include during the working interview. If efficiency is your main goal, and you are ready to fill an open position “yesterday,” a working interview is a great alternative to the traditional interview process.

Call That’s Good HR first

That’s Good HR is built on relationships with our candidates and the employers who trust us to handle their staffing challenges. When you call us with an open position, our recruiters may already know someone who fits your requirements. We can also give you inside information about your open position, including feedback from candidates who interview. Stay on top of hiring challenges in 2024 by partnering with That’s Good HR. Call us now at 317-469-4141 to find out why That’s Good HR continues to make staffing better in the new year.