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5 Tips for Virtual Interviewing

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Madison Schacht headshot.
Madison Schacht
Manager of Talent Acquisition
May 11, 2020

Many companies are stirring away from the traditional in-person interview and transitioning to virtual interviews. Virtual interviews are an efficient solution for companies and allow them to meet candidates and make hiring decisions quicker than ever before. Here are some tips to take into consideration when preparing for your virtual interview.

  1. Test your technology! Be sure you understand how to operate the virtual interview platform you will be using. Charge your phone or computer the night before. Maybe even consider doing a mock interview using the virtual interview platform with a friend beforehand. 
  2. Wear professional attire! Treat a virtual interview the same as you would treat an in-person interview. Your dress should be business-professional attire and you should also practice good grooming. 
  3. Prepare in advance! Research the company and the person/people you are interviewing with.  Prepare the space you will be conducting your virtual interview. Be sure your interview space is quiet, well lit, and try to limit any distractions. It may be hard to limit interruptions as many of us have children or pets at home. If this is the case for you, simply address this at the beginning of the call and apologize in advance for any family members or four-legged friends that may want to join the call. 
  4. Take your time and listen carefully! Virtual interviews can experience a lag in the video or call.  If this happens during your interview, simply explain the delay and ask the interviewer to repeat their question. In general, listen carefully to the interviewer and take your time to formulate your responses. 
  5. Be yourself! Candidate selection is all about making a perfect match for both the company and the candidate. Be yourself!  Be the best version of yourself, but be genuine. In a typical in-person interview, it may be hard to feel comfortable so take advantage of the fact that you are able to interview in a familiar space and try to relax.

Have you completed a virtual interview before? How was your experience? Drop us a note and let us know or check out our job board!

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