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7 Reasons Why your Company Should Use a Recruiter

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October 31, 2012


At That’s Good HR, our clients trust us to find them the perfect candidate for the position they’re seeking, and time after time, we deliver on that promise. But perhaps your business has not used a recruiter before, and you’re a little apprehensive about whether or not it’s right for you. We’re here to give you a few good reasons why you should consider hiring a recruiter, in the hopes of changing your mind:

Indianapolis Recruiters & Headhunters - Help Wanted1. Recruiters are Experienced in Recruiting. Not to brag, but day in and day out, our Indianapolis staffing specialists are looking for qualified candidates for our client companies. We are skilled and organized when it comes to the hiring, screening and interviewing process for temporary, contract and permanent positions. So when it comes to finding the right person for the job, we’re the right person for the job.

2. Recruiters can Build Relationships. Because we recruit often, we have a large database of potential candidates from which we can recruit. This might be substantially larger than the contacts that you have built internally, so our resources might result in finding the better fit for your organization.

3. Recruiters have Resources. Our Indianapolis recruiters have the manpower and time required to devote to the hiring and recruiting process, whereas your CEO or hiring manager may have responsibilities in other areas of the business that may prevent him/her from fully engaging in the process.

4. Recruiters keep it Objective. Sometimes having an external company evaluate the open position from an objective, unbiased viewpoint can benefit the company – when it comes to the job description and responsibilities as well as negotiation and salary requirements. We have industry perspective and can help you find the best hire for the resources you have and ensure a fair market value.

5. Recruiters help you Hire Confidentially. If you choose, you can use a recruiter to confidentially hire for positions without the whole world knowing that you are hiring. This is especially important if you are hiring for a high-profile position or want to keep information away from competitors.

6. Recruiters Control the Paperwork. If the thought of emails and resumes flooding into your office doesn’t appeal to you, a recruiter can handle this for you. This can be a major benefit to employers who don’t want to deal with the distractions of sorting through resumes and cover letters to find qualified candidates.

7. Recruiters help you Compete. Hiring a recruiter can give your potential employees reinforces the importance of the open position, and of the company’s future growth. With many qualified job candidates out there, we’ll make sure you attract the best and brightest.

For those of you who have used a recruiter, can you think of any other good reasons? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.