7 Ways Staffing Firms Can Save You Money

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November 20, 2015
In business, time is money. So if you’ve ever advertised an open job position, collected and screened resumes, scheduled first and second interviews, completed background and reference checks, and managed the new employee on-boarding process, you know how time-consuming hiring a new employee can be. And that’s not considering the overhead for taxes and benefits.

So how can That’s Good HR be less expensive than searching for, screening, and hiring staff on your own?

  1. When you partner with us, we pay for all skills assessment testing, background checks, payroll and unemployment taxes, health insurance, holiday pay, and vacation pay for every candidate we employ for you.
  2. You incur no expense to advertise the position, which is filled quickly because we already have a pool of top candidates who are thoroughly vetted. In turn, you’ll have less time in lost productivity while the position goes unfilled.
  3. Because candidates are pre-screened to meet our high standards, the likelihood that you make a hiring decision that could potentially backfire is greatly reduced. Your risk of employee turnover is reduced while retention increases, which means a good return on your time and financial investment (plus the peace of mind that you are getting a well-qualified staffer).
  4. You have more flexibility and opportunity to evaluate whether an employee is the right fit for the job. If we place a candidate with you who, for some reason, doesn’t work out, all you need to do is to contact us and we will provide you with other qualified candidates to evaluate.
  5. We can act immediately to fill staffing needs caused by an unexpected resignation or an extended illness or personal injury accident. This also reduces time in lost productivity.
  6. You can obtain additional employees to ramp up or down for a busy season without hiring them full-time and then laying them off when business slows. This helps you avoid unemployment claims and costs.
  7. Because we manage the entire hiring process, you have more time to focus on higher-level projects and business objectives that impact your bottom-line profitability.

When you compare the cost of using That’s Good HR to the true costs of hiring staff yourself, you’ll discover we offer great service that can save you time and money.