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Are personality assessments worth it?

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December 10, 2009
As an Indianapolis Executive Recruiter, my job is to help my clients make the match for Indianapolis job openings and minimize their risk of hiring the "wrong" candidate.  This means we are always looking for ways to differentiate our firm in the Indianapolis staffing market.  The validity and value of personality assessments are often a topic of debate among Indianapolis headhunters. 

While there are several personality assessments available including the Predictive Index, DISC profile, and Myers Briggs, our firm has had great results utilizing the Caliper Profile for over seven years.  I recently used the Caliper Profile for an Indianapolis six figure job search and my client loved the results.  The Caliper takes into consideration a job’s responsibilities and company culture and management style.  Then, the Caliper Profile compares a candidate to the job to determine if there is a natural fit.  If an individual is in a role which plays to their strengths, the probability of success is dramatically higher.  

The Caliper Profile costs around $300.  While some might complain about the cost, hiring the wrong candidate can cost a company thousands of dollars.  Or, you could try the personality test in this video but That’s Good HR does not endorse its effectiveness!