Honesty really is the best policy…

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October 18, 2010
My son, Nate, loves Halloween. The truth is, he loves any reason or no reason to put on a costume. My sister calls him the "man of many faces". That said, it will come as no surprise that he had chosen and purchased his Halloween costume in early September this year. The "skeleton zombie" decided to test the effectiveness of his costume right away which included wearing it when we went to visit friends. The first time Nate jumped in the car wearing his skeleton zombie costume, I sighed heavily and said, "put on your seat belt"; to which he replied, "why would I do that when I am already dead?". Could he have been more honest?

Fast forward to the soccer tournament this past weekend. Interested friends and neighbors asked Nate if he thought they would win. Without skipping a beat, Nate replies, "No way, we stink". Brutal honesty.

The topper. Last night I was helping Nate work on his "Star of the Week" Poster. All of you parents out there know exactly what I am talking about. Each week a student is chosen at random to be showcased as the "Star" when they get to tell the class all about themselves.  One of the statements for him to complete on the poster said, "I am a Star because…". Nate had done a great job completing the questions that asked about his favorite color (blue), favorite food (pancakes), favorite animal (carp – the fish (really?)).  For this section of the poster, however, his answer was obvious. Nate’s poster now reads "I am a Star because, my name was drawn from the jar".  Again, could you be more honest?

I have always told (warned) people that I know and work with that I have a tendency to be brutally honest, even to the point where if you want to know if your butt looks fat in those pants, I will tell you the truth. Harken back to my blog post titled "What I Learned from my Father…" and you will see that with my son, the apple does not fall far from the tree.

This trait has served me well in the Indianapolis Staffing business. It is important to me that candidates and clients do not waste time in their job search or in filling an important job opening by giving them false hope or information that is not clear. It does not matter if you are looking for a six figure job or a part time administrative job, time is money and clarity is key. Be sure that you are working with someone who is going to be clear and be honest with you, even if the news is not what you want to hear. The intention is to get right to the point and to help you make your next move appropriately and efficiently.  At That’s Good HR, our recruiters are trained to be straightforward and honest with everyone in the hiring process in order to ensure that the services we provide are real and have the integrity upon which our business was built.  And that is the honest truth.