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Be Good Communicator in 5 Easy Steps

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Mary Springer
September 20, 2017

Author and self-improvement guru, Paul J. Meyer said “Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.”  Since communication is key, here are five easy steps to improve your communication TODAY.

  • Ask open ended questions. Asking open ended question yields more information, which can help you hone in on what people really need or want from you.  Looking for additional tips check out Monster’s list of 5 ways to be a better communicator at work.
  • Don’t just talk – listen. Often times, listening can reveal more than asking questions. Once you ask that open ended question, you’ll need to listen carefully to deduce the most important information. Communication is a two-way street, don’t focus on one way.
  • Non verbal communication is just as important as what you are verbally communicating. Be cognitive of things like your body position and eye contact when conversing with others.
  • Be aware of timing. Just because you want to tell someone something, that does not mean they are ready to hear it.  In addition, they might be under pressure or have different circumstances that would make them less receptive to what you have to say – even if it’s good news.  Look for cues during your conversation and consider saving information for later.
  • Pick the best form. For some messages verbal communication might be best, but for others email would work better – or vice versa.   Think about your message and the information you are trying to convey and pick the right channel for delivery.

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