Belief, Harmony and Responsibility in the New Year

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December 30, 2009
2009 has been a year of discovery for me and for our Indianapolis staffing company.  Internal introspection has been our focus and quite frankly, our survival tactic in this tumultuous year.  I have become a true advocate for understanding and working within your strengths over the past few years.  Our whole company engaged in the Gallup Strengths Finder exercise tHarmony - Yin and Yango assess each of our top 5 strengths.  The purpose was to not only be aware of where our strengths lie, but also to ensure that as a company we are doing whatever we can to allow our employees to work as close to their strengths as possible.

I am the only member of our leadership team and very likely in the company who possess the combination of the strengths of Harmony, Responsibility and Belief.  Even without taking the assessment, I could tell you that these were in my top 5 strengths because I embrace and struggle with them daily both personally and professionally.  As a business owner, I am naturally responsible for the success of our business and that is a huge responsibility to have even without having responsibility as one of your key strengths…what this does is make me feel even more responsible than ever for the business and for everyone that works within its walls.  Combine that with my Harmony strength and it increases the complications as while I want the company to succeed, I really want everyone to get along in the process.  When stress and distress take over in the room, I sometimes feel I am the only voice of reason because I just want everyone to be happy.

If that is not complicated enough, my Belief strength will quickly trump my Harmony strength if you force an issue or conflict about which I am particularly passionate.  If you force your opinion in my face and it is in conflict with what I truly believe, forget harmony, I will protect and defend to the end.  Whew…exhausting.  Yet exhilarating as I learn more and more each day how to work within my strengths and use them for good and not evil.  I think the hardest part is that I am constantly responsible for keeping people working together toward a common goal while not losing my passion for what I believe in.

Happy New YearThe good news…I know what my own strengths are and I am conscious of how to engage them in a way that helps me to be productive and focused on the task at hand or monitoring and managing needs associated with Indianapolis hiring trends.  I have been able to subsequently surround myself with other professionals who are strongest in the areas where I know I am lacking and together we are figuring out how to take on the world in 2010.  With that, I wish you Belief, Harmony and Responsibility in the new year…you know I will be juggling them all!  Best wishes in the New Year whether it be with your Indianapolis job search or with filling your job openings.