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Beware of the “Too Good to be True” Job Seeker Part I

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October 4, 2009

As hiring trends focus more and more on effective screening and background checking, job seekers with questionable pasts are becoming more savvy. Oh, if those folks would only use their powers for good instead of evil!

For Indianapolis Staffing companies working to fill Government jobs, Administrative jobs, Accounting jobs and many other Indianapolis job openings, this is another step we need to take to ensure candidates are who they say they are.

If you Google "fake references", websites like pull up citing the following”

o         How to fill the gaps in your employment history

o         The best way to get fake references

o         The main reason good liars get job offers and honest people don’t!

o         How to get College transcripts from ANY University with any GPA you want!

o         How to rig your resume so it gets picked by the new automated Human Resources systems

ABC News reports on two companies that provide fake references:, a Web site that says it can fill in gaps on your resume by pledging to "act as your past employer" and provide job references, complete with working phone numbers and people on the other end of each line ready to answer questions posed by prospective employers. Schmidt, who started the Web site after being laid off from his job as a human resource manager in February, said he got the idea after perusing posts on the micro-blogging site Twitter. He was surprised, he said, by how many Twitter users were asking strangers for job references.  

ABC News also reports on, another website which boasts: Assistance with obtaining employment, providing employment and personal references, providing verification of employment, providing verifiable cover’s (alibis) for unexcused absences from work or home, Caller ID spoofing, mail forwarding, untraceable phone numbers, virtual phone numbers, novelty Dr. Notes, faxing services, fax Caller ID spoofing, virtual fax numbers, e-mail spoofing, e-mail services and covers, spoofed E-Ticket reservation, fake travel agency confirmations, virtual hotel services, virtual doctor’s office, virtual business office, telephone alibi service (we pretend to be anybody you need us to be and place outgoing calls or receive incoming calls), personal assistant services, novelty document services, fake trade show invitations, fake confirmation services and much, much more.

What do Indianapolis Staffing Companies Need to Do?

o         Always check the company’s website to make sure they are a legitimate company

o         Use reverse lookup to verify the number you are calling

o         Request a copy of a candidate’s W-2 if to verify employment with a company and their salary.

Stay tuned for more information on the lengths job seekers with questionable pasts will go to!