Can You Remember What the Best Medicine Is???

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January 27, 2009
Oh that’s right, laughter is the best medicine. With all of the issues facing the world today I think too many people have forgotten the age old saying.
In the spirit of the benefit of a smile or good chuckle…maybe this is the perfect time to completely rethink your career. Here are two ideas for recharging your life or rethinking your career. Do me one favor would you? If you make a go of either of these ideas, get me a few tickets when Oprah calls for an interview!


David Thorsrud sold everything and embarked on a permanent road trip around the United States, in search of a more authentic life. Once a Director of Human Resources for a large insurance company, David went through a few life altering events and decided to throw caution to the wind and create the life he had always dreamed of. By using some former computer programming skills and through the wonderful-world-wide-web he has sustained his basic income.

2. Supplemental Revenue

So you can’t pitch everything and hit the road just yet? Why not use some household items you already possess to start a side business? All of the energy and technology at your fingertips can be used in creative ways!! Electronic corn anyone?

Happy Soul-Searching!  If you need someone to philosophize about your future with…give me a call.   317-469-4141