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Career Limiting Moves, they are not what they used to be…

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December 20, 2010
Often when you hear or read the words “career limiting moves” you picture an employee doing something not so smart at their place of employment.  But I have to tell you, every year in the staffing world we get our own fair share of moments working with candidates that you have to just shake your head at and say “Life is too short” or “what were they thinking”. 

The past week was one of those weeks.  Long story short, last week That’s Good HR embarked on sending out its first ever electronic holiday card.  In trying to be green, fiscally responsible and efficient with our time we thought this was a great idea and the year to make this change.  By creating an electronic holiday card it has become easier and more cost effective to send out holiday greeting s to all of our current and past clients and candidates.  And this is where the story starts.  We received back an email from one of our prospective clients writing “Take me off of your distribution list.”  That is it, no Happy Holidays or anything, just “take me off of your distribution list”. Now I understand that our industry sometimes does not have the best reputation or might be a bit aggressive in its sales tactics but that is a gross generalization and not how we operate at That’s Good HR

So why do you care that our ego or feelings got hurt or why am I droning on about this?  The reason being is that Indianapolis is a very big/small job market and that how you act and treat others often comes back around either in paying dividends or biting you in the proverbial backside.   I realize that often recruiters call employees and “interrupt” their day but everyone needs to realize that in today’s hectic world the recruiting/staffing industry has become a dominant force in filling middle level and senior management positions.  We all know the days of working for one or two companies and advancing until retirement are long gone.  So you have to ask yourself do I really want to alienate myself with the professionals that are out there to help me in my career search or are you ok going it alone and relying on the job boards? 

So the moral of this blog is to be thoughtful and careful before “slamming the door” on your career with your current company, your recruiter contacts and your circle of influence.  In today’s fast moving world of career management and the ease of electronic communications everyone has to be careful in how and what they say.   And with that, let me just say “Happy Holidays”!

Happy Holidays!