Careerbuilder; Touchdown and TurnOvers at Superbowl in Indianapolis…

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February 3, 2009

First, I’m am clearly not a marketing expert…I will leave marketing ‘je ne sais quoi’… up to my partners at Element Three. However, the commercials from Sundays Super Bowl have a direct effect on the employment market as well. First, for a while now I have been amused but still annoyed by the phenomenon of Super Bowl ads. In some way I think that the growing fixation on the ads is a direct result or catalyst of our current day economic status:

First…what is the point to all of the hoopla? Anything with enough hype will seem appealing…

Really can anyone point to significant direct ROI for a sustained period as a result of a $3 Million per minute commercial? Believe me, I truly hope that they can…however, I think I know of many more people who create games based on the commercials vs. the actual number of people that watch the football game itself. If a company can create a spot that draws millions of people to them to discuss them and create a buzz…good for them! However, I argue that the fact that they air on on only one day – Super Sunday…makes them a mini-series in themselves.  A quick and funny escape from the norm, but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter how many ‘quirky’ commercials they air…none of these major companies will get the return they want…but they can’t stop dumping the cash into the commercials because they cannot let go of the glory years of the consumer rich based American economy.

They will have to get back to basics to continue to grow and be a significant part of this economy’s rebirth.


I have a skewed sense of humor maybe…but I think Careerbuilder’s ad last Sunday was a complete touchdown. Who hasn’t dreaded going to some job, felt disrespected by co-workers, wished they were somewhere else…had the urge to punch small animals?? Don’t deny it, we have all had the same thoughts and even if you haven’t, that commercial was hilarious!!


HOWEVER…there is a perfect storm currently brewing and that ad will not help Careerbuilder in the long run.

There are far too many people out of work right now in Indianapolis. Far more people than Careerbuilder can help. In fact, they need to brand themselves to attract a select candidate. They need to cater right now to the highest level talent possible.  Rarely does quantity = quality in the talent acquisition space, and that equation is only magnified in our current economy. Sorry you are in for a battle.  Many of our top clients who spend thousands of dollars per year on Job Board accounts are turning to us to not only analyze the resumes received by their accounts on Careerbuilder, but we are also adding our own passive candidates and managing the entire recruiting process due to the ‘mess’ of resumes on job boards.

Enjoy the commercial for it’s great attempt at a Will Ferrell skit (really I’ve watched it 7 times today)…but don’t rely on a single website to help you find your next position.

If you call me you are not only guaranteed great leads on new positions…but you are also guaranteed to expand your network by thousands of people with one meeting. We are your career advisers and, believe it or not, I will not only try to place you but I will also give you advice on other avenues to find your next rewarding position at the same time.  What a concept!!

You ever wanted a career consultant that works for you…for FREE??? Give me a call, what have you got to lose? 317-469-4141…there are people waiting on your call.