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Candidate Spotlight: Q & A with Jessica Jordan

Greta Cline, CFO
Greta Cline
Partner, CFO/COO
October 15, 2020

This month we’re highlighting one of our star candidates: Jessica Jordan.

Jessica went to college in Eureka, California for Political Science, but has been placed in several positions by TGHR since she graduated and first applied for a company’s position that we were overseeing. We asked Jessica if she’d be willing to share her experience working with us and she said, “Yes!”

How did your relationship with TGHR begin? 

I applied for a position on a major job posting site and That’s Good HR was managing the search for the company. 

What was your major/field of study?

Political Science

Where did you work before TGHR?

I worked at FloorTec in Eureka, CA before finishing college, and TGHR has been helping place me since I graduated.

What have you loved the most about your assignments with TGHR?

Being able to work in different fields has been wonderful, especially when I was first starting my career and figuring out what career path I wanted to take. With That’s Good HR, I have worked in Healthcare, IT, Retail, and Construction. The companies I worked with were great, and I really enjoyed my coworkers. 

What have you enjoyed most about working with TGHR?

I have really enjoyed working with Kate Stephens. She has been so wonderful and thoughtful to work with. Kate listens to what I am looking for and has never pressured me to interview for a position I did not feel was a good fit. My happiness with an opportunity is equally important to her as the employer’s happiness.  

What is your advice to others considering working with TGHR?

It is definitely worth your time to work with TGHR. I have referred a few of my friends because I truly believe my career would not be where it is if it wasn’t for TGHR.

What are the top assignments you have had with TGHR and why?

  1. [Technology Company] – I temped a few days at the front desk which allowed me to network with employees leading to getting a full-time job a year later with the company.
  2. [Retail Company] – This was a great career jump for me because I made the move into the C-suite as an executive assistant. My bosses were wonderful there, and I made outside work friendships with other EAs.
  3. [Utility Company] – My current position. I advanced to Executive Assistant to the CEO, and I could not be happier with my role and the company.  

Do you have a successful placement story to share? We’d love to feature it in our next newsletter. Just send us a message to let us know and we’ll follow up with you to find out more details.

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Candidate Profile: Liz Noel

Susie McKenna
October 8, 2018

When the company Liz Noel worked for ceased operations back in 2013, she was immediately thrust into the job market seeking new employment.  Her previous experience included a multitude of administrative and office management skills and her positions had all been in the marketing arena including a production house and advertising agency. Thinking a staffing agency may be beneficial to her search, Liz checked out online reviews of multiple agencies. She liked what others had to say about That’s Good HR and decided to throw her hat into the ring by sending her resume to the office.

Her resume was received and reviewed by Lindsey Curtis, who Liz now refers to as her “go-to-gal”. Liz’s first assignment was in a new industry for her – an engineering firm.  Liz describes herself as a “lifelong learner” so she was excited and energized about the new industry.

After completing her temporary assignment downtown covering part of a maternity leave, Liz had the opportunity to move to the north side and take on a long-term assignment.  As she is a naturally curious person who enjoys talking with others, she decided to take the time and get to know several people in various departments at her new company, realizing everyone had something different to teach her. In addition, even though she was a temporary employee she was given the opportunity to participate in many company-provided training sessions, and she took advantage of these classes to increase her knowledge and advance her career skills.

Temporary assignments were appealing to Liz as it gave her a chance to learn so much every day, meet new people and be introduced to so many interesting industries.  She now works at a local startup company, where she began as a temporary employee.  At the beginning of the assignment, not only was she a temporary employee, but the person she reported to daily happened to also be a temporary employee.  As the company grew, she has had the rare opportunity to work on multiple sides of the business, ranging from finance to marketing to technical support, before landing her current permanent role.

Liz loves meeting new people and clearly does not mind a challenge.  Working with That’s Good HR has surpassed her expectations and she’s thrilled that she had Lindsey to shepherd her through every step of her journey.  Liz thinks working on contract is a two-way street and the perfect way to ensure that you are good fit at the company, and that the company is a good fit for you too.

Her advice for new temporary employees is to keep an open mind, as you never know where a temporary assignment might lead. Liz is living proof of that!

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From Candidate to Client

Susie McKenna
September 20, 2018

When Erin McLennan was about to graduate college, she wasn’t sure where she would land a job. She was no stranger to working, since she had been employed at a local hospital while balancing her studies. Erin majored in Psychology but was unsure if she wanted to head to graduate school or seek full time employment upon graduation.

Some of her friends from the hospital had used That’s Good HR (TGHR) to find a job, so Erin decided to reach out to a recruiter at our office. She made an interview appointment and met staffing manager Kate Stephens.  Shortly after interviewing with TGHR, Erin was offered a position at an innovative company in Carmel as a lending associate on a temporary basis.  After a few short months, her role converted to a permanent position and six months after that, based on her performance, she was made a supervisor.

After just two years at the company, Erin had gone from being a TGHR candidate to a TGHR client responsible for her own team. She was confident in the quality of TGHR temporary employees and knew it would make hiring employees a breeze.

Erin is now a product manager in the technology field working with software engineers.  She credits TGHR for finding a career field that she is not only passionate about, but also excelling in.  Erin never would have guessed she would be in the technology field after college. She is thankful she found a position where she can use her knowledge and creativity at the same time.

Erin’s favorite thing about working with TGHR could be credited to her psychology background.  She loved having someone to go to as a mentor to counsel her through her job seeking journey. Erin felt supported by Kate right after college and found it helpful to know she had someone in her corner.

As a client, Erin appreciated TGHR’s high-level of customer service.  When Erin was busy supervising 20 people, she was grateful that there was always a live person picking up the phone at TGHR if she had an issue or needed additional employees.  When hiring, Erin looks for someone with a good personality and willingness to learn, just the type of candidates TGHR likes to work with – a perfect fit!

When she’s not working, Erin enjoys the outdoors with her black lab, Charlie, and is keeping busy planning her upcoming wedding. Wedding details can be stressful, but hiring decisions are not thanks to That’s Good HR!

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Candidate Spotlight: Shatalya Fields

Susie McKenna
July 26, 2018

When Shatalya Fields and her entire department got laid off, she did not know where her next job would be.  She had served in the Air Force for five years and after leaving the military she had worked in several positions – from leasing agent to cashier – but was eager to start a career. She had dabbled in healthcare, accounting and insurance positions and thought that one of those avenues would be the best fit for her talents.

While job searching she talked with one of her former coworkers, who also had been laid off.  Her friend suggested she call That’s Good HR. Shatalya reached out and was introduced to one of our staffing specialists, Kate Stephens.  Kate immediately recognized Shatalya’s skills and great attitude and sent her resume to one of That’s Good HR’s clients.

Shatalya was hired for a cash applications position and after her temporary assignment ended, she was hired on full time.  She continued in that position for a bit and then started to look for a different position in order to grow in her career. Seeing a position that peaked her interest with another staffing agency, Shatalya applied.  She got the job but after working at the company she did not feel it was a good fit for her – the energy was all wrong.  Realizing her error, she quickly contacted Kate again to see what jobs were currently available with That’s Good HR.

Kate placed her at a client around the corner from the That’s Good HR office in an accounting role.  Shatalya now plays a key role handling ACH payments, making adjustments, and balancing the general ledger for a major Indianapolis company.  She has an amazing, supportive boss who supports Shatalya’s career goals.  She is on a management track now and in two to three years is poised to take over her department.

As an employee on track for management, Shatalya is now sitting in on interviews for new employees.  Her best advice for interviewees? Ask questions at the end of the interview.  She recommends asking at least two questions (make sure to prepare ahead of time).  Asking questions shows the hiring manager how interested you are in the job.  She also recommends being truthful and open in your interview.  Being honest about her past experience of being laid off is one of the many reasons she has the job she does today. Shatalya is now learning so much and is on the path to become an incredible manager at her current company.

So, what are you waiting for?  Start your career today by calling That’s Good HR.  Whether it’s Kate or one of our other awesome recruiters that helps you out you’ll be on the path to success in no time!

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Spotlight on Success: Kyrie Forrester

Tiffany Moore headshot.
Tiffany Moore
VP, Client Partnerships
May 25, 2017

Meet Kyrie Forrester. Today she’s enjoying a successful career in management at an Indianapolis home security firm with lots of great perks—a thriving company culture, leadership training, and opportunities for advancement. But life wasn’t always this peachy, and little did she know, one application would change her future forever.

Rewind to December 2011. Kyrie was miserable working at a daycare. Prior to that, she had spent 10 years working with disabled adults and children. And while helping others was rewarding, Kyrie felt so drained physically and emotionally that she hit her breaking point and quit her job. Unemployed and uncertain about her future, she shared her problems with her mom over lunch. As an experienced HR professional, Kyrie’s mother had heard great things about That’s Good HR and recommended she reach out.

After filling out our online application, she received a call back in no time. From there, she interviewed at That’s Good HR face to face, where we assessed her strengths, skills, and experiences. During the process, Kyrie kept an open mind about the kind of job she wanted. “I was tired of having such emotionally and physically exhausting jobs, and just really wanted to try something different,” she says.

Knowing Kyrie and one of our clients, we knew a great match could be made. Despite being new to the industry, Kyrie was excited to explore a different field. And Kyrie’s personality, experience, and skills were the perfect fit for one of the company’s entry level roles. She accepted the job as a temporary hire right away.

She still remembers her first day on the job as being fantastic. She was struck with the firm’s commitment to its employees—both inside and outside of work—including professional development opportunities and paid volunteer days. Kyrie was determined to learn the ins and outs of her new job and was soon empowered to update departmental procedures and processes.

Three months later, a new leadership position opened up at her company. She interviewed and was soon hired as a full-time team leader. New learning and leadership opportunities came her way with professional development resources, as well as access to helpful wellness and finance classes. “I never expected a temp job to turn into a full-time career for me,” Kyrie says.

Today Kyrie is still thriving at her company. After another promotion, she now works in management, overseeing a team of eight. She expects to keep excelling and enjoying a successful career. “Without reaching out to That’s Good HR, who knows where I would’ve ended up. I never imagined having such a successful corporate career in my life,” she says.

In a fun twist of fate, Kyrie now gets to be a client of That’s Good HR, working with us to hire temps for her company. “Anytime I need someone for the team, my first thought is That’s Good HR. They give such excellent quality team members,” Kyrie says.

Making great matches like Kyrie’s is what we are all about. Are you a company looking to fill a position with a great candidate? Or maybe you’re in the position of looking for a new job yourself! Either way, we’re here to help. Our staffing specialists expertly match employers and employees every day. One quick phone call or message is all it takes to get the ball rolling. Reach out today by calling 317.469.4141 or contact us here.

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From Intern to Employee: Meghan’s Story

December 6, 2015

Back in the day, I had no idea what a temp agency was. Not a clue.

 A college friend of mine pointed me in the direction of That’s Good HR while I was studying accounting at IUPUI. I was graduating soon and wanted more hands-on experience under my belt. My friend had just snagged a really great job through TGHR. It was a great match for her and propelled her career forward. I recall asking her “They helped you find this job? And they did that all for free?”

I can still remember walking into TGHR the first time. It was surprisingly warm and welcoming. Recruiter Amber Crosby and I hit it off immediately. Amber’s background was accounting, so she knew the ins and outs of my field. And as luck would have it, TGHR was looking for an intern. Before I knew it, I was interning alongside the controller there doing AR/AP, cash receipts, and other accounting duties that were right up my alley. It was great experience and I loved working with the TGHR team.

After my internship wrapped up and I graduated from IUPUI, I took a full-time position in public accounting. After two busy seasons, I decided it just wasn’t the right fit for me anymore.

But I couldn’t figure out where I fit in within the accounting field, and it was a tricky arena to get a job in at the time. I reached back out to Amber at TGHR. The timing was perfect—the company had grown and they needed accounting help. I came on as a senior staff accountant in August 2012 and have been here since doing everything from accounting to marketing to HR to recruiting. TGHR has been such an integral part of my career path—walking alongside me as an intern, a newbie in my field, a first-time mom, and now a more seasoned employee. They invest in the people who work with them and for them, and are in it for the long haul.

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A Life-Changing Job: Jennifer’s Story

November 2, 2015

Life can throw curveballs at us. Even when we think we have things all figured out and well planned, it doesn’t always work out that way.

Jennifer DeWitt can tell you all about curveballs. This hardworking single mom of three knows all about it. With kids who have special health needs, she’s had to juggle all sorts of unexpected and hard things. After her boys started school, Jennifer signed up for classes at IUPUI in hopes of securing solid employment down the road. As she neared graduation, she attended a job fair at the college. It was there that she connected with Kate from That’s Good HR. Jennifer was eager to line up employment with graduation just around the corner.

“I knew Kate was in my court from the beginning,” said Jennifer. “She got to know me and my family’s needs.”

Kate was able to place Jennifer in a temp administrative position at Butler University just a week and a half after graduation. Shortly after starting the job, one of Jennifer’s sons was scheduled to have neurosurgery.

“I never felt like I had to pick between being a great employee or a great mom,” said Jennifer. “That’s Good HR and Butler were just so wonderful and flexible with me in the middle of all of the health and family issues. It was amazing.”

Temp positions are a great way for both employers and employees to try each other out and see if a job is a good fit personally and professionally. It was clear from the beginning that Jennifer and Butler were a great match for one another. A few months after she started her job there, she was hired on at Butler as a full-time, permanent employee in donor relations.

“I literally went from someone using food banks to feed my family to a mom able to support her kids on her own. That’s so incredible,” said Jennifer.

At TGHR, making matches like this one is what we’re all about. If you’re still looking for that next step in your career path, let us know. We’d love to help.

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From Temp to Permanent Management: Kelsey’s Story

August 27, 2015

Raise your hand if you’re currently not working in your college degree field. So often our career paths are not what we expect. And that’s not always a bad thing. After graduating from a state school with a recreational therapy degree, Kelsey Aslam found herself struggling to find a job in her field. As a newlywed in the process of buying a house, she knew she needed to find something—fast.

She connected with That’s Good HR in search of a temp position. She was paired up with Kate, one of our friendly, helpful recruiters. Kate led her step-by-step through the application and interview process. “I remember everything was just so easy with them [TGHR],” said Kelsey.

She interviewed with NextGear, a local inventory finance solutions company, and was quickly placed in a temp role. “The whole thing was really smooth,” said Kelsey. “There weren’t any issues and communication was so good between NextGear and TGHR the whole time.”

Two months later NextGear decided to hire Kelsey directly as a full-time employee. Two-and-a-half years later, Kelsey is now a hiring manager there who often reaches out to TGHR to bring in her own temps. “Some of my top people have been hired from TGHR as temp-to-perm and now they’ve converted over to full-time here. I love that TGHR is always seeking feedback and wanting to know how things are going,” said Kelsey.

At TGHR, we feel honored to come alongside people in their employment journeys. Making successful matches is what we do—and we love it. Are you ready for a new career? Take that next step and get in touch with us.

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Fostering Team Spirit during a Change in Leadership

October 26, 2012


President - Executive Leadership Change - Succession Planning Consulting - IndianapolisAccording to the Hagberg Consulting Group, more than 10 percent of Fortune 1000 companies changed at least one of their top three officers last year. Chances are that your company will experience a leadership change of one kind or another. Some items to keep in mind are your company will need to be prepared, not only during your recruiting process, but during the new leader’s critical transition time.

Things to keep in mind when hiring for a new executive:

Two of the qualities you’ll want the new leader for your organization to have include someone with an inspiring, charismatic personality that fits with the company culture, and a great communicator at all levels of the organization. If your previous executive left on a not-so-positive note, you’ll want to address employee concerns prior to the recruiting effort to ensure a better fit this time. By profiling the ideal candidate beforehand, your company can aid recruiters in asking the right questions and screening candidates to find the ideal leads. Your recruiting firm can also help evaluate the situation and help your company determine the best fit for the position and the company’s needs.

Things to keep in mind during the transition period:

Once your company has chosen its new leader, these important steps will help the executive and the employees have a smoother transition:

For the Leader:

  • Establish a rapport early.
  • Show initiative and willingness to learn.
  • Stay visible at all times.
  • Avoid conflict, aggression or condescension.
  • Address any issues with the previous or current team immediately.
  • Work to make improvements in productivity and other key priorities.

For the Leadership Team:

  • Help support and ease the new leader’s transition. 
  • Clearly define all new roles and responsibilities for the executive and the team.
  • Determine the best methods of feedback and communication to the leadership team.
  • Help with conflict resolution if needed.
  • Find ways to boost morale for the new leader and the company.

With the right methods in place, your company can have a positive experience during its next leadership change, and emerge with a positive outlook on the future. That’s Good HR can help facilitate this change in your organization — from succession planning and retirement to finding a new leader and helping with the transition.  It’s part of our consulting services side of the business called HRology. Contact us if you’re looking to plan a leadership change in the near future, and we’ll help you work through the process. 

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After 17 years….

October 16, 2011

I had been with my current company for 17 years when we found out our office was being closed due to reorganization. Now I find myself looking for a job again. What a scary situation after being with a company for so long. The job application process has changed alot. I look forward to working with That’s Good HR. I feel confident together we will find an awesome job for me.

By: Deanna