Top 3 Takeaways from the Indiana SHRM Conference

Tiffany Moore headshot.
Tiffany Moore
VP, Client Partnerships
August 11, 2021

Our team recently attended the Indiana SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) Conference, and we’re excited to share a recap of our time there with you! SHRM serves as “the voice of all things work,” and the annual Indiana state affiliate conference at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis brought together 15 local chapters to discuss new ways of working post-COVID, recent legal developments in the HR world, and more. Check out our top 3 takeaways from this year’s conference.

1. Never say “that’s how we’ve always done it”

The past year-plus has really taught us to think again when it comes to remote work, marketing strategies and even products and services to offer. In the first keynote speech from Adam Grant, he discussed these assumptions — and how to rethink them — based on his new book, “Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know.” 

Released in February 2021, Grant’s book studies companies like NBA, Pixar and NASA from the lens of an organizational psychologist. His entertaining style of delivery and first-hand experiential evidence was interesting, and offered great tips to open our own minds and the minds of others to create an organization that is always learning, rather than one that is stuck in its old ways.

2. Use Experience Age strategies to hire better

In a session with Ed Krow, Talent Transformation Expert and professor at Millersville University in Pennsylvania, we learned more about the workforce transition from the Information Age to the Experience Age. With the advent of the internet in the Information Age, we became rapid consumers of more information than ever before. But with an oversaturation of information and more ways than ever to use it, the transition into the Experience Age began. 

These days, employers no longer just want their company to give them information. They want to connect with others and grow personally and professionally. With help from this session, we look forward to helping employers better attract new talent, offer compensation and benefits that fit what Experience Age candidates really want, and sustain a culture of experiential knowledge to allow employees to grow and become the best version of themselves.

3. Bring more empathy to the workplace

How many times have you used the phrase “these unprecedented times” over the last year? In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Brad Karsh’s session on empathy and accountability was a helpful reminder of how to juggle the stress we all face both in the workplace and out. The “new normal” requires employers to hone the skill of balancing empathy with accountability in order to build better relationships with employees.

With simulations of real employee experiences, we learned how to better show empathy in the workplace, while also trusting in employee productivity. Emotional well-being and workplace performance don’t have to be at odds, even during a global pandemic. 

We look forward to sharing these helpful tips with the employers on our roster, and to attending the next annual SHRM conference! If you have questions about how our team can help you implement new hiring and management skills, contact us online or at 317-469-4141 today. 


Soak Up the Sun in Indy this Summer

June 6, 2019

That’s Good HR focuses on staffing the local Indianapolis area, which means we work local, live local and most importantly love to play local! Summer is the perfect time to get out and experience all that Indy has to offer!  There’s no shortage of festivals in Indy during the summer months and here’s where you’ll find our staff hanging out and soaking up summer.

Lindsey Curtis never misses the Italian Street Festival at Holy Rosary Catholic Church. If homemade pizza, spaghetti sauce, cannoli and cheesecake sound good to you, then mark your calendar for June 14 and 15 from 5 – 11 p.m. The best part about this festival (besides the food) is admission and parking are free!

What’s the “best day ever” for Tiffany Moore?  It’s Carmel Fest on July 4.  She loves the parade, the food AND the fireworks. The celebration kicks off this year on July 3 and features a kids zone, talent show, 4.5 mile run – not to mention a plethora of vendors and food.

Greta Cline spends a week every summer relishing in the fun at the Boone County Fair – you’ll find her July 20-26 at The Fair Shake serving up grilled cheese, milkshakes and more!

All summer long you can find Ashley Paramoure hanging out at free concerts, eating ice cream, and riding bikes with her kids on the Monon Trail. Free summer fun concerts can be found in Indy at Holliday Park, Eagle Creek Park, Garfield Park and downtown on the Canal at the Indiana History Center and Eiteljorg Museum – click here for a full list.

For more ideas on how to celebrate summer in Indy check out this list of 100 things to do this summer compliments of Indy’s Child or Thrillist’s list of cool things to do in Indy. For a robust list of summer festivals, Downtown Indy has them all lined-up for you!

Tell us…what’s your favorite way to celebrate summer in Indy?


What’s New in the World of Recruiting?

March 13, 2013


As an Indianapolis recruiting firm, we are always keeping updated on the world of recruiting. We try to stay on top of trends in order to serve our customers and candidates better. So here are a few developments in recruiting that we have noticed in recent months:

  1. Social media has become more important in the recruiting effort: More college graduates are using social media to search for jobs and bolster their online profiles. Similarly, recruiters and hiring managers continue to use social media to search for candidates and promote job openings.
  2. Temporary staffing is the new norm: That’s Good HR has seen an increased interest in temporary staffing needs among our Indianapolis clientele, particularly in areas of administration, accounting / finance and health care. Companies that are reluctant to hire permanently continue to use temporary staffing to test the waters before hiring permanent staff. Meanwhile, candidates seeking full-time positions have benefited from temporary or contract positions to pad their resumés in between jobs.
  3. A hiring boom is imminent: The unemployment rate continues to drop in many regions, including in the Indianapolis jobs market, which is an indicator that more companies are hiring. We see this job hiring trend increasing in the coming months.
  4. Outsourcing is in: With less time to focus on recruiting efforts, companies further develop relationships with outsourced partners such as staffing agencies in order to stay ahead of hiring trends and focus on internal training, retention and support.
  5. Government issues will impact HR: Hiring managers will need to keep updated on changes in legislation and public policy issues such as tax, health care and immigration reform, and a potential minimum wage increase in 2013.  Companies may need to adjust compensation or benefits to offset these changes, and be prepared to address these issues to potential hires and current staff.
  6. Employees are demanding a more flexible work environment: Employers who recognize the need for workplace flexibility will benefit from opportunities to attract and retain employees and increase employee satisfaction, among other benefits.

What trends have you noticed impacting your hiring or job search efforts? Feel free to comment below.


On the Road Again – Indianapolis Career Fairs

February 28, 2013

We have noticed that our clients are always looking for sharp, recent graduates that are ready to get their feet wet and work hard! So the team at That's good HR has been out and about this winter, meeting potiential candidates at several Indiana career fairs. 

This month, we attended the 5th annual Kelley Career Fair on Feb. 12, sponsored by the Kelley School of Business-Indianapolis Student Government and the Kelley Career Planning Office, and the Collegiate Career Expo on Feb. 21, sponsored by College Career Center Consortium. Members of the That's Good HR team included Kate Schipp, Amber Crosby and Tasha Rush. Aside from recruiting firms such as ours, we saw other Indianapolis employers, from small to large companies, in attendance.

All in all, both events were a success. We met several students graduating in May 2013, seeking positions upon graduation. We noticed that several HR and Marketing majors approached our table. That seemed to be the “hot” degree this year.

We also met with several accounting students looking for opportunities after graduation. On the accounting side, we are looking for candidates with great internship and education experience that they can apply to a position with our clients. As we typically see fewer accounting professionals at job fairs, we are always actively seeking accounting and finance graduates and professionals to fill various client positions.  

Several students were confident and prepared, presenting us with resumes at the fair. We enjoyed talking to students regarding their job search. We met a few recent graduates, but not many, which to us indicates optimism that the Indianapolis job market is looking up.  We look forward to getting to know these new candidates and helping match them to our clients' positions!

Hiring Trends and Top Advice from a Recruiting Firm

January 24, 2013


In previous blog posts, we have discussed the latest hiring trends, as well as tips for hiring managers and candidates to navigate the search process successfully. To expand upon this topic, we’ve asked some members of our recruiting team to respond with their recent impressions of the Indianapolis job market, as well as to give some crucial advice to clients and candidates. Here were their responses:


Q.  What overall hiring trends are you seeing so far this year, and what skill sets are in top demand?


A. We are seeing continued need overall for our services in 2013, but particularly in the areas of customer service/call center, human resources and accounting roles. Many businesses are also seeking to recruit for temp-to-hire (try before they buy) positions.


Q. The market has also indicated an increase in the use of job search / recruiting firms such as That’s Good HR. Why do you think customers are seeking the services of a search firm for finding quality job candidates?


A. One main reason is the time factor – hiring managers just don’t have time to sift through 300 resumes! Or the company may have voids in their current team because of growth or turnover, maternity leave, or medical leave, and need a quick fix. We have also seen some additions to staff. 


Q. What is some advice you'd give employers? 


A. We would say they need to keep the process moving and to make decisions quicker when it comes to responding to resumes and hiring, as candidates are accepting jobs offers much quicker these days.


Q. What common mistakes can candidates avoid during the job search?


A.  Candidates should avoid unusual body modifications (hair, piercings or tattoos) that might make them stand out. Make sure job seekers have no errors at all on their resumes. They should also set up an acceptable and professional voice mail message and email address for responding to job inquiries.


Q. What topic do you think your clients/candidates need to learn more about?


A. We feel the main thing that people need to continue to learn and understand is social media for both employers and candidates – in terms of how to maneuver and take advantage of all that it has to offer for the job/candidate search. 


Hiring for Generation Y: The Millennials

January 19, 2013


Hiring Generation Y - MillennialsIn our last blog post, Hiring for Multi-Generational Diversity, we addressed the importance of considering each generation when hiring a diverse workforce. Generation Y (also known as “Millennials”), were born between 1980 and 2000, and are currently the newest members of the workforce.  In this post, we’ll examine how to attract, hire and retain Generation Y employees while integrating them with the rest of your workforce.

Typical Characteristics of Millennials:

  • Tech-savvy: These employees grew up using computers and the Internet as the main form of communication. Thus, they are very comfortable – if not dependent – on technology, and on using it in the workplace, and enjoy the challenge of learning new things. Take advantage of these traits in a job position that requires technological expertise or one in which the job can help your company expand its brand online.
  • Organized Chaos: Experienced multi-taskers, Millennials can juggle many different jobs, and may prefer handling multiple responsibilities rather than having a few, select duties. Staying organized amid the clutter will be crucial to this group’s success.  Consider this quality when hiring for a specific position with a limited function or for one that requires “wearing many hats.”
  • Flexibility of Workforce: Millennials joined the workforce when telecommuting became popular, so this group expects more flexibility when it comes to working remotely vs. working on-site. On the flip-side, this group is willing to put in the extra hours at night or on weekends to get the job done if a company provides the resources to do so.
  • Individuals and Team Players: The Gen Y worker is comfortable collaborating as a group, but also strives to find individual acceptance as a leader. These dynamics will change as the generation gets older, but this group can generally work well in either a group or individual setting.
  • Recognition: Millennials want to be rewarded for their efforts – whether it’s through public acknowledgement or monetary benefits. When negotiating for a job salary or benefits, this generation is not afraid to speak up for what they want.
  • Jobs with Meaning: Generation Y is not as willing to settle for a career that doesn’t allow them to live the life of their dreams. Therefore, the job itself should fulfill a passion or interest, or should allow the candidate to earn a living while enjoying their life. A job that allows for both? Even better.

Recruiting Tactics for Generation Y:

To recruit employees in the Millennial generation, your tactics might include the following:

  • Being social: Find candidates online using social networks, and use these networks to search for candidates with the perfect skill sets.
  • Allowing for growth and learning: Give Millennial candidates opportunities to learn new skills on the job or through training courses.
  • Touting flexible benefits: Show Millennials that you value their work-life balance, and offer them flexibility in benefits and work locations.
  • Embracing your mission: Show Generation Y candidates how they can be a part of your larger vision to give them reason to work for your company.

While each person may not demonstrate all of the characteristics of the Millennial generation, knowing the typical work ethic and dynamic of this generation can help employers reach out to hire them for ideal positions, as well as to tailor their work environment for ideal achievement.


Indianapolis Career Fairs and Upcoming Events

August 9, 2012

That’s Good HR will be a participating employer at a number of career fairs and events over the next month, where we will be actively seeking candidates in the accounting/finance, HR and administrative sectors. If you are a prospective candidate, please bring a copy of your current résumé. We’d love to learn more about you and become a resource for you in your job search.  If you are an Indianapolis company looking to fill corporate-level positions, come and network with us!


1. Recruit Indy Alumni Only Career Fair
Thursday, August 23, 2012
Time: 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Place: Indiana Convention Center
100 South Capitol Avenue 
Indianapolis, IN 46225

Participating Colleges:
Ball State University, Bradley University, Butler University, DePaul University, DePauw University, Indiana State University, Indiana University, University of Notre Dame,  The Ohio State University, Purdue University, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, University of Evansville, University of Iowa, University of Southern Indiana 


2. 18th Annual HR Indiana Conference: 
Date: Monday, August 27 through Wednesday, August 29, 2012
Place: JW Marriott Hotel, Indianapolis
For more information, visit


3. Indiana University Kelley School of Business
Accounting Meet the Recruiter
Date: Thursday, September 6, 2012
Time: 3-6 p.m.
Where: Campus Center Multi-Purpose Room 450, 4th Floor
420 University Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN 46202
For more Information, visit:


4. Krannert Master’s Career Fair & Interviewing
Date: Friday, September 7, 2012
Time: 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Location: Rawls Hall, Purdue’s West Lafayette Campus
Geared toward graduate-level candidates; Candidates should RSVP for the event and express their interest in the companies attending via your CMA.
For more information:


5. Indianapolis Star and Career Builder Present:
Career Diversity & Education Fair
Date: Wednesday, September 12th, 2012
Time: Noon – 4:00pm
Place: Indiana Convention Center, Sagamore Ballroom
100 South Capitol Ave, Indianapolis
For more information, visit:

About TGHR

That’s Good HR Weekly News Update – October 7, 2011

October 6, 2011

fallFall is officially upon us. As the days get shorter and the air cooler, we all just want to pick some apples, carve a pumpkin or wrap up in a blanket by a fire and take a big nap. My job is to free up some time to allow you to do just that by boiling down the news of the week to a few pertinent items that will make you sound like a genius. This week I have focused on some interesting HR recruiting, interviewing, on boarding and development tips. Of course, there has to be some social media focused news in there too. So, get out those marshmallow roasting sticks because this will be a great weekend to use them.

Are Prospective Employers Looking at your Facebook page? You bet they are.. Creativity, Well-Roundedness, & ‘Chastity‘: We all know that employers Facebook stalk us before hiring us (or before deciding not to hire us). In an oft-cited survey released by Microsoft Research in 2010, 70% of recruiters said they’d rejected applicants based on info they found online. (

The Importance of Social Media from the perspective of Richard Branson: Where most corporate blogs still house formal announcements, the Virgin Group website hosts a blog written with Branson’s first-person flair. Many of them read like diary entries. (

How Companies Utilize Telecommuting as a Retention Tool: Companies that allow or encourage their employees to telecommute rather than come to the office are more interested in maintaining a happy workforce than achieving any direct cost savings, experts and corporate executives say. (

"Pay For Performance" May not be what Generation Y is Looking for: Many money-motivated Millennials (and they do exist) will bolt to new opportunities as soon as the great recession of 2007-20?? eases up…unless you happen to be an organization that recognizes their potential. (

The Best Recruits May Not Be Who You Think: When I hired him, Shaq was barely qualified to use a computer, let alone conduct detailed forensic examinations on hard drives that later had to stand up in court and pass the rigors of cross examination. (

Job Interview putting you to Sleep? Try asking about their Dreams: Sometimes all it takes is one question to spring the lid open and let the personality fly out.  As someone who interviews people for a living, I have a few favorites.  And this one is my all-time, absolute, works-every time, ace up my sleeve: “What dream came true for you when you said ‘yes’ to your last job offer?” ( 

Helping new hires adjust to your unique culture: New hires may fail because of unrealistic expectations. But there’s another big reason some don’t make the grade: They just can’t grasp your organization’s culture, so they never learn to operate successfully in it. (

HR Needs To Be The Department of Errors and Corrections...: To be successful HR needs to move from the department of enforcement to the department of corrections.  I’m cereal folks, super cereal. (fistfuloftalent)

US Labor Department launches economic and employment statistics app: The most up-to-date employment data and economic news releases from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics and its Employment and Training Administration now can be viewed using a new mobile application. (dol)

October Employment Outlook from Simply Hired: Today, released its October employment outlook highlighting national and local market forecasts, and industry and employer trends. (
Problem Employees: Keep them or Kick them to the Curb? We call an unmanageable employee (UE) an employee who exhibits constant, repeated, unproductive behavior. Everyone has a bad day, a bad week, sometimes even a bad month, depending on what’s going on in their life. But we’re talking about someone who’s constantly, repeatedly – on a fairly long-term basis – unproductive. This book is about helping managers uncover what they need to put UEs back on track. (thehiringsite)


Careerbuilder; Touchdown and TurnOvers at Superbowl in Indianapolis…

February 3, 2009

First, I’m am clearly not a marketing expert…I will leave marketing ‘je ne sais quoi’… up to my partners at Element Three. However, the commercials from Sundays Super Bowl have a direct effect on the employment market as well. First, for a while now I have been amused but still annoyed by the phenomenon of Super Bowl ads. In some way I think that the growing fixation on the ads is a direct result or catalyst of our current day economic status:

First…what is the point to all of the hoopla? Anything with enough hype will seem appealing…

Really can anyone point to significant direct ROI for a sustained period as a result of a $3 Million per minute commercial? Believe me, I truly hope that they can…however, I think I know of many more people who create games based on the commercials vs. the actual number of people that watch the football game itself. If a company can create a spot that draws millions of people to them to discuss them and create a buzz…good for them! However, I argue that the fact that they air on on only one day – Super Sunday…makes them a mini-series in themselves.  A quick and funny escape from the norm, but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter how many ‘quirky’ commercials they air…none of these major companies will get the return they want…but they can’t stop dumping the cash into the commercials because they cannot let go of the glory years of the consumer rich based American economy.

They will have to get back to basics to continue to grow and be a significant part of this economy’s rebirth.


I have a skewed sense of humor maybe…but I think Careerbuilder’s ad last Sunday was a complete touchdown. Who hasn’t dreaded going to some job, felt disrespected by co-workers, wished they were somewhere else…had the urge to punch small animals?? Don’t deny it, we have all had the same thoughts and even if you haven’t, that commercial was hilarious!!


HOWEVER…there is a perfect storm currently brewing and that ad will not help Careerbuilder in the long run.

There are far too many people out of work right now in Indianapolis. Far more people than Careerbuilder can help. In fact, they need to brand themselves to attract a select candidate. They need to cater right now to the highest level talent possible.  Rarely does quantity = quality in the talent acquisition space, and that equation is only magnified in our current economy. Sorry you are in for a battle.  Many of our top clients who spend thousands of dollars per year on Job Board accounts are turning to us to not only analyze the resumes received by their accounts on Careerbuilder, but we are also adding our own passive candidates and managing the entire recruiting process due to the ‘mess’ of resumes on job boards.

Enjoy the commercial for it’s great attempt at a Will Ferrell skit (really I’ve watched it 7 times today)…but don’t rely on a single website to help you find your next position.

If you call me you are not only guaranteed great leads on new positions…but you are also guaranteed to expand your network by thousands of people with one meeting. We are your career advisers and, believe it or not, I will not only try to place you but I will also give you advice on other avenues to find your next rewarding position at the same time.  What a concept!!

You ever wanted a career consultant that works for you…for FREE??? Give me a call, what have you got to lose? 317-469-4141…there are people waiting on your call.