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As We Look to the New Year, It’s Time to Celebrate You!

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Celebrate you in the new year!
Tiffany Moore headshot.
Tiffany Moore
VP, Client Partnerships
December 29, 2022

The end of the year is typically a time for reflection and celebration. Take some time out of the holiday hustle and bustle to celebrate yourself and reflect on what you want in the new year. If your resolutions include professional advancement or other career considerations, That’s Good HR is ready to step in and help you meet these important goals!

Look at how far you’ve come this year

Everyone is their own worst critic. It’s so easy to look back and see mistakes you made or bumps in the career road. Maybe you feel stagnated in your current career, and you’re certainly not alone. Making a career change can be scary, and people can take up to a year before making a switch.

As you take inventory of your skill set, highlight this year’s successes. Here are a few things you may not be giving yourself credit for:

You reached out to someone in your professional network. You don’t have to be unemployed to meet for coffee with a mentor who can share their own career experience.

You met your deadline(s). This is a big deal, both for you and your employer.

You set career goals. This doesn’t have to be fancy. If you said you would take a hard look at your career goals by the end of the year, consider this article an effective first step!

What are your career goals?

There’s no better time than now to set your career goals for the new year and beyond. Why are professional goals important? They give you something to work for and prevent you from become a passive participant in your career journey. Even small goals can shift your workday outlook:

Resolve to reach out to coworkers. Team collaboration and communication are important factors in today’s work environment. Challenge yourself to ask a coworker to grab lunch together so you can get to know each other better.

Consider continuing education. Continuing education runs the gamut from pursuing an advanced degree at a local university to taking advantage of your public library’s free access to online educational opportunities. You’re never too old to learn something new.

Look for new challenges. If you think your skills might be used in different and better ways at work, share these thoughts with a manager or professional mentor. Ultimately, you are looking for avenues for supporting your company, and if you believe you can contribute more in a different capacity, talk to your company leadership about exploring new options.

Where are you going in the new year?

Change is intimidating. We get it. It can be a lot easier when you have a professional staffing agency like That’s Good HR on your side. If you’re considering a career change – or you’re ready for a new challenge within your chosen career path – reach out to That’s Good HR. We’ll start with a chat, which gives us an opportunity to understand your specific needs and career goals. Our job board includes open positions from Indianapolis-area top employers. You can take comfort in the knowledge that we focus on the match. We’ll only refer you to positions where your skills are already a good fit for the position.

The new year is upon us. That’s Good HR remains your trusted staffing partner, keeping your interests at heart as we help you plan – and meet – your career goals. Happy New Year, from That’s Good HR.