College Recruiting, Part 2

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August 26, 2009
My last blog  described a meeting I had with a client where I learned that her son was still seeking meaningful employment after graudating from college in 2008.  We discussed the challenges in today’s market for a new college grad to find a job in Indianapolis once they have graduated. That blog entry focused on encouraging soon to be college grads to take advantage of the on campus resources before they graduate.

This blog is focused on another option that I presented to my client in assisting her son with his post graduate job search.  I spoke with my client and let her know that I would be more than happy to sit down with her son and educate him on our business, the Staffing Industry and his Indianapolis job search.  Discussion with her son then led him to me and a quest for an opportunity to get his foot in the door with temporary employment while he continued his job search.

He came in and registered with That’s Good HR, Inc. and I sat down with him and walked him through all of the positives of taking a temporary job while looking for permanent employment.  The American Staffing Association does a great job of providing key information and FAQ’s for jobseekers.   He was not aware of our industry as a real option for him and it opened a whole new set of options for him.

The result?  We were able to match his skills with a great temporary opportunity with one of our key customers.  The unemployed graduate is now receiving a regular paycheck at a fair wage AND he is learning new skills and gaining valuable experience.  It is win for both of us, so much so that in my NEXT blog, he is going to be featured as a guest blogger to provide some perspective from his point of view.