CSO – Chief Sincerity Officer

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October 8, 2009
The impact on your business of taking the responsibility to say "I’m sorry" in a sincere and heartfelt manner is HUGE!  This should be a six figure job left to only the most competent executive headhunters to fill.  This could very well be the most important job that someone holds in your company. 

The reality is, however, that EVERYONE in your company is responsible for this important job. Hopefully the current hiring trends (which, by the way, are getting better according to this Bloomberg report) are not causing companies to skimp on hiring high high quality, dedicated and compassionate customer advocates for every position in the company. 

There are simply too many choices for consumers out there, regardless of what your company offers, for you NOT to excel in the area of sincerity when something goes wrong.  In fact, the pivotal point in every business relationship is when you transform your typical customer into your raving fan when things go WRONG (and let’s face it, they do).

How do I know?  I know this not only because it has been a passion for me in every leadership role I have held, but I am also a consumer and recently, I was on the receiving end.  Our company is in the staffing business.  We recruit and place talent for all kinds of Indianapolis job openings ranging from administrative jobs to executive recruiting.  We rely on a variety of recruitment, branding and search resources and there are many out there to choose from.   We could change our allegiance at any time and still be able to function successfully. 

Currently, we work very closely with Careerbuilder. Why? Because they care about us and our "teeny tiny" account and our "little bitty" corner of the market enough to HELP me with the small stuff that to us, is not so small.  When they don’t help me fast enough, they apologize.  Understand, we are a single, locally owned and operated business and while very successful; when compared to the large nationals, we are small potatoes for a big vendor like Careerbuilder.

Recently I had a question and I sent it to my contact at Careerbuilder, Norris.  He did not respond in his typical fashion of right away.  Days went by, I sent another email, I got concerned and for just a moment I felt abandoned.  Today, I received this correspondence from Norris. 

Good morning Karen,

If 1 raindrop said I’m sorry, then I apologize a thunderstorm for not getting in touch with you.  I was out of the office 2 days last week and it’s been an uphill battle ever since.

As a token of my remorse I have saved a search for you based on the order you have attached below.  You can click on HERE to view the results.  If you need any further assistance please feel free to contact me.  

Best Regards,

Norris R. Maxey
Account Solutions Manager

Six figure job.  This is all it takes – CARE about your customers, big or small, in the best way you know how.  Empower your employees to do the same.   You will have customers for life and now and then, they will tell others…just like this.