Did You Take a Summer Vacation?

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Mary Springer headshot
Mary Springer
August 16, 2018

As the dog days of summer begin to wrap up, more and more vacation days will go unused.  According to a study conducted by Glassdoor, the average employee has only taken about half of their eligible vacation in the past 12 months.  This could be because more Americans (66 percent) report working on vacation more than three years ago.

The average number of vacation days employees take has been steadily declining over the years.  Thirty years ago, the average was around 20 days, but that has dwindled to just 16 days in recent years.  The study also indicated that in 2016, 662 million vacation days went unused and if those had been taken, it would have contributed $236 billion in spending for our economy.

The study also revealed that forfeiting vacation time can have an impact on an employee’s performance, proving that a little R&R benefits both the employee and company.  In addition, 47 percent felt shame at work for taking their vacation.  There’s a simple solution to combat this shame. Book a temporary employee to cover during your worker’s vacation time.  That’s Good HR has temps ready to go at a moment’s notice.  You keep productivity up, your employee returns refreshed and guilt free – it’s a win-win.

So how do you get started?  Easy – call us and describe your employee’s responsibilities.  We’ll send you resumes to review of available temporary employees and you’ll be meeting them in no time.  Then everyone can sit back, relax and take a well-deserved vacation without worrying about the company’s bottom line.   Take advantage of summer before it’s too late!