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Dissatisfiers, Satisfiers and Exciters: Where do you Fall?

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November 11, 2010
Yesterday I had the opportunity to participate in a webinar hosted by the American Staffing Association, featuring Eric Gregg, Managing Partner of Inavero.  Inavero conducts client satisfaction surveys centered around the Net Promoter methodology that helps companies understand what is driving their client satisfaction.  Inavero is also the firm that partnered with Careerbuilder to conduct the Best of Staffing survey for which That’s Good HR was selected as a winner for 2010.  As I was listening to the webinar and hearing him describe dissatisfiers, satisfiers and exciters of the staffing industry, I was taking copious notes on how That’s Good HR could continue to be a leader in the Indianapolis Staffing market by doing things to provide a better experience for our clients and candidates than what they would receive with other firms.  I then got to thinking that the advice he was giving for us to use internally could also be very applicable to individuals in the Indianapolis job search.  

First, let me take a step back and describe what dissatisfiers, satisfiers and exciters even are.  A dissatisfier is something that a company does to turn a client or candidate away and send them out into the marketplace with a negative impression of the company.  An example would be a hotel giving someone a room that had barely been cleaned and providing below average customer service.  The person going through that experience would be certain to leave with a negative thought in their mind and to share that thought with their friends and family. 

A satisfier is something that a company does that leaves their customer satisfied and happy, but not necessarily with any certain "wow" factor.  An example of this would be arriving to a clean hotel room with good customer service, but nothing beyond that.  The customer leaves with positive thoughts in their mind and if asked, would give the hotel a good review.

An exciter is something that a company does that leaves their customer not just satisfied, but a raving fan!  An example of this would be a hotel that provided the basics of a good stay (clean room, good service, etc.), but also provided products and services that enhanced the stay beyond the standard expectations of their customer.  This customer is left with an extremely positive impression and feels the need to share their great experience with their friends and family.  They are providing this positive feedback without being prompted by the company to do so.  In a world where word of mouth referrals drive business more than media advertising, this is huge! 

As I was processing these examples, I realized that it is my job as an Indianapolis recruiter to help my candidates identify the exciters that they bring to the table for the Indianapolis job openings for which I am presenting them.  What have they done in past positions that has made their companies, clients, colleagues, etc. into raving fans of their work?  So if you are in the Indianapolis job search, I urge you to start thinking about those situations and begin planning out how you could work those examples into your conversations with companies and recruiters.  If you can do this and prove that you did enough to leave a situation in more than just a satisfactory state, a company is going to be chomping at the bit to get you on their team.  Anything you can do to set yourself apart and leave people excited enough about you to go out and proactively talk to others about you, will set you up for much stronger success than your competition.   So get out there and be an exciter, not just a satisfier!  The results of the increase in your personal Net Promoter Score will be astonishing!