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Do you know how to talk about your career change?

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May 26, 2009
This is a great video that sums up the 3 most important things to remember when discussing your career change during an interview or even just casually with someone in your network.  They are very simple, but do require thought and self reflection.   Spend adequate time on each of the topics so you feel very prepared when entering into conversations about your search for the next big job.

Watch the video, but below is my summary:

1.  Know your top 3 strengths and how they made an impact on your last employer.

  • Make sure you have concrete, specific, well thought out strengths…don’t generalize!!  For example, an interviewer cringes when they hear that someone is a hard worker!  Of course you are!  Who is going to blatantly call themselves average or lazy in an interview??
  • Know what an opportunities you may have.  Don’t call it a weakness!  Again, think about what you are doing to work on it. 

2.  Know how your top 3 strengths could make an impact on a future employer.

  • Know what’s going on in the industries that you are targeting so that you can apply your experience.
  • Again, be specific.

3.  Know your emotional Hot buttons (management style, environment, industry, etc.)

  •  Whatever you do…don’t bash your past employer or manager!  Think creatively and turn a negative into a positive. 
  • Know why these items are hot buttons for you so that you can be looking for red flags during the conversation. 

The bottom line is you need to be prepared, be honest, and know yourself!!