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Fighting Spring Fever by Walking off the Job

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March 15, 2011
spring feverSometimes you just have to walk off the job. Career suicide? Maybe – but if you handle it professionally it could actually be the best thing for your job security. No, I have not lost my mind, but this is the time of year when people do the strangest things. The long, cold, dark winter has kept us down and out for long enough. At the slightest hint of spring, we are ready to jump out of our skin (or worse, out a window). Our creativity is at an all time low and I have proof of this based on the extended writers block I have been experiencing recently. You just need to do something crazy, something outside the box, something spontaneous.

At That’s Good HR, we have been experiencing our own Spring Fever and while things do seem to be looking up for Indianapolis staffing and hiring trends, we would like things to improve faster than they are. The frustration of the economy over the past year+ combined with the natural lack of patience that is inherent in all staffing professionals makes anyone want to get up and walk out now and then. Sometimes you really just have to walk away to clear your mind of all of the cobwebs, negative thoughts and general feeling of hopelessness. You have to get it all out there and have the chance to come back to the job refreshed and ready to face the day with some renewed perspective. It is not only a healthy thing to do, it is in the best interest of the company.

Now, I am not talking about a one week hiatus from work just to clear your mind (unless of course is it during your Spring Break or other vacation time). Sometimes is it just a few hours out of a day when you can walk away and practice that primal scream. Everyone needs a chance to find a safe environment where you can purge yourself of all of the negativity that might be building up inside you so you can see things more clearly. Escape, purge and return with a clear mind. It is the right thing to do this time of year so supervisors, encourage it if and when you can. And those of you on the receiving end of said purging, be sure not to take things too seriously, it is just Spring Fever.