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Flexibility without Commitment – Could Temp or Temp-to-Hire Be Your Answer?

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Is temp-to-hire a solution for staffing uncertainty?
Tiffany Moore headshot.
Tiffany Moore
VP, Client Partnerships
December 9, 2022

Staffing challenges can be tricky. As your company moves into 2023, your Q1 picture may still be unfolding. You need good employees, but you’re not sure whether they fit into your budget. That’s why we are big fans of temporary staff and temp-to-hire models. These staffing solutions keep you flexible and competitive while minimizing risk to your company.  It’s a mutually beneficial scenario that helps you get the work done while you strategically plan for the coming months.

Temporary staff can help you power through a heavy workload. Maybe one of your employees is taking a leave of absence. Maybe you’re approaching your company’s own personal crunch time. You’re not ready to hire new employees – and invest the necessary time and money in onboarding and training – but you need someone with the right skills to step in and lend a hand. Temporary staff can be the answer to your work worries. Maybe you have an entry-level employee who seems ready for the next level, but you’re not sure you can create a new position right now. A temporary employee can come in and answer the phones while you see if your receptionist is capable of handling new duties. Either way, you can solve your staffing problems without adding another line to the payroll.

The American Staffing Association agrees.

“Temporary and contract workers play an essential role in today’s society, providing vitally important skills and services wherever and whenever they are needed most,” says Richard Wahlquist, president and chief executive officer of the American Staffing Association.

But what about benefits, you ask? Aren’t those a gamechanger for potential employees? Of course they are, and we have you covered. When you partner with That’s Good HR, you don’t have to worry about solving the benefit puzzle. We offer benefits that are immediate, convenient and flexible for temporary workers.

While temporary staff can help you get past the big challenges, temp-to-hire positions allow you to “try before you buy.” When you list a position as temp-to-hire, you’re saying you intend to hire someone permanently for this position, but you want to ensure a good match before you make the final commitment. We’ll connect you with candidates whose skills and background fit your job description. After a trial period on the job, you can transition the candidate to a permanent position. On those rare occasions where the candidate fails to perform basic job duties or exhibits problems like excessive absenteeism, we’ll communicate with the candidate and help you move on to a better staffing solution.

Nobody has a crystal ball to tell us what’s going to happen in 2023, but we can confidently predict that That’s Good HR will work with you to find the right solution for your staffing challenges and needs. Cheers!