Fostering Creativity when Life is Good

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May 31, 2011
HappinessIt seems like all of the best songs and stories come from pain, suffering and unhappiness. Why does it take a state of despondency to get the creative juices flowing? As a dedicated blogger for That’s Good HR and for our local HR organization, IndySHRM, I am required to be creative on a regular basis. The problem I have been running into lately is that I am just so darn happy all the time that I do not have the inspiration of despair to reach my creative peak. Well, I have decided that sometimes people get sick of the negativity, the bad news, the woe is me attitude and every once in a while they just want to smile.

There are actual studies out there that hanging around with people who are negative and unhappy is actually bad for your health. As a matter of fact, I wrote a blog post last year called "You are what you eat" addressing the issue of toxic people. You may have noticed that my posts are all pretty positive and I like to make people smile. You will find that people like to have you around when you make the smile. Now that the warmer weather is coming and the sun might actually show itself, I encourage you to practice your smile.

So, without despair, where does the inspiration come from? You would be amazed at how much there is to talk about these days that is good news. For example, the job market and hiring trends are improving. Students are wrapping up for the summer (or forever) and are adding some new vigor and creativity to our workplaces. Central Indiana jobs are becoming more plentiful and we are seeing more and better offers coming for our candidates. Good people who may have lost their jobs during the economic downturn are going back to work. This is all good stuff and gives us something to be happy about. I am an avid Twitter follower and I have to tell you, no one wants to follow someone who is complaining all of the time.

My point? (Yes, I do have one, don’t worry). Stop sounding like a bad country song, get happy and get creative and breathe some new life into your Indianapolis job search. If you are having trouble getting happy and creative on your own, get some help. Sign up with a staffing service or connect with a recruiter to guide you on your way. Read some good news and stay away from those stories that just get you down. Our owner, Harry Danz, publishes a weekly news update blog (find this week’s here) that tries to focus on the good news out there. I encourage you to follow it.

If that is not enough, follow me…I will do my best to deliver reality with a good dose of sunshine regularly.