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November 15, 2011
point of viewWelcome to the first post in our new series titled "From Your Point of View". We are so excited about this project that showcases some of our most enthusiastic customers and candidates and provides insights into utilizing staffing services from their point of view. We thought we would give you a break from hearing our point of view and provide you with a new perspective.

Our first participant in this project is Steve K., Accounts Payable Manager at a well respected local medical facility. Steve has worked for this company for over 21 years and he has had experience working with contract staffing on and off for the past 18 years. Steve has become quite the expert on what to expect from his staffing partner and does not compromise when it comes to working with a vendor he can trust. This is why we thought he would be a perfect person to offer staffing advice with our readers.

Steve receives calls from staffing vendors all the time which can pose a problem because he has a very busy job to do and could not possibly take the time to field all of these calls. Talking to sales people is never fun for anyone, particularly for Steve, who was not a big fan of staffing companies. Then one day Steve received a call from Tiffany Moore at That’s Good HR and things changed. Her approach was just different enough that Steve decided to meet with her. The meeting happened at a time when Steve was not in need of temporary staffing, but the impact of the meeting would stay with him and when the A/P function for his company consolidated, he knew exactly who he was going to call to help get the job done.

What is most important to Steve when working with a vendor? He sees the relationship as more of a partnership than a business transaction. He will only work with someone who is genuine and loyal and he has tested this over time to ensure that these qualities are consistent and real. What does Steve want from his staffing provider? It is easy – consistent delivery on what he needs and easy solutions to those problems that are bound to come up.

The differences that matter most to Steve? Follow up that is not just a phone call to see what else he can do for you. Rather, regular engagement with sincere concern about his satisfaction with the service provided.  What turns Steve off? Calls that ask for more business, more referrals or to shove another resume down his throat.  Pushy sales people with nothing new to say or to offer. Sounds like the same things that might drive other hiring managers crazy too, doesn’t it?

We asked Steve for some sound advice for staffing companies from his perspective. Here is what he had to say.

"Conduct your business in a genuine, ethical manner. Don’t pressure your clients to give you business. Don’t make your customers deal with issues when it comes to the employees. The staffing company should take care of all of this for the client."

Steve is naturally a really nice guy. He does not like to hurt anyone’s feelings or make them feel bad. When things don’t go quite right with a temporary employee, it is important to Steve that the staffing service handles it for him. This is what has made him loyal to the vendors he uses, no matter what the need and I would venture to guess that Steve is not alone in his method of choosing who he works with.

We would like to thank Steve for his candid insights and for volunteering to be our very first participant in this blog series. Look for more customer and candidate interviews coming up each month and if you would like to contribute to our project, drop us a line, we would love to hear from you.