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Having Trouble Staying Motivated at Work?

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August 18, 2010
Now that the days of summer are getting shorter and shorter, vacations are wrapping up and the kids are back at school, most of us are turning our focus back to our daily routines and our careers.  For those of us who love what we do and have no problem getting out of bed in the morning, feel free to stop reading now!  For those of you who dread Sunday nights, hate going to work in the morning and just can’t seem to get motivated, check out this article for some tips on how to get and stay motivated at work. 

Here are a few additional tips to stay motivated:  

1)  Understand Expectations!
If you don’t know what you’re supposed to be doing, how are you going to be successful?  And if you’re not successful, there’s no motivation to continue what you’re doing.

2)  Reward Yourself! 
Set goals for yourself and when you accomplish them, do something good for YOU! 

3)  Have a Positive Outlook!
Don’t let yourself get pulled into to office drama, stay away from those people who have a negative attitude.  Negativity slows you down, zaps your energy and drains the life out of you and the people around you.  Find things that make you happy, surround yourself with positive energy, listen to upbeat music throughout the day.  Soon you’ll find yourself getting through the days without looking at the clock every 10 minutes!

If these tips just don’t work for you, and you feel like nothing is going to help change your attitude about work, maybe it’s time to start your Indianapolis job search!  For information on Indianapolis job openings and to talk to someone about a new career, call us at 317-469-4141 and ask to speak to a professional recruiter at That’s Good HR.