How this Indianapolis Staffing professional got into “SM”

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September 4, 2009
Sorry to disappoint, but by "SM" I am referring to Social Media so those of you flocking to this blog post for thrills, might be disappointed.  Not to say the the whole concept of Social Media and Social Networking is not incredibly exciting…it is for me.

I want to dedicate this post to a few of my early SM and SN mentors to whom I owe my current insatiable need to engage and understand the many social media options out there.  It is overwhelming for a newbie, but thanks to my friends, it has been a fun journey for me.  Who thought that there were so many ways to learn more about and share information around hiring trends, Indianapolis staffing and HR?

First of all, thank you to Mark Anderson from Bernard Hodes Group for patiently laying the groundwork for me during our recent re-branding of the IndySHRM organization.  Mark volunteered to help me out with this overwhelming project and very soon realized that this was NOT my core competency.  Mark got me thinking about branding our organization in Central Indiana in a whole new way…through Social media and social networking venues.  I think he had to explain Blogging, Facebook, Twitter and Pickylist to me no less than 5 times before I got it. 

As if that was not enough, Mark then introduced me to Kyle Lacy…a true social networking professional.  Kyle was very busy with his own company (Brandswag), he was also working on his book (Twitter Marketing for Dummies) and running here and there on a number of speaking engagements.  Even with all of that going on in his life, Kyle very patiently spent (and still spends) time walking me through the basics and encouraging me as I go. 

Kyle then introduced me to Jeb Banner (Smallbox) who is also a very busy individual.  Not knowing me at all, Jeb took time to engage with me, talk about all kinds of things and offer me advice and insights that I had not previously considered.  He is now another one of my contacts who I feel I can go to for a fresh, honest and very smart opinion on most anything.

To these SM/SN mentors, I offer my sincere thanks.  I know I still have a lot to learn and you know I will continue to bug you for guidance and information but the most valuable thing I have learned from my recent education is this.  True social networking is the work of professional, friendly, ENGAGING people who will help you at any time you need it to become a better you, no matter what you do.

Okay, back to my real job focused on federal government contract jobs in Indianapolis, but while I am doing that, I will be thinking about my next blog topic and my next Twitter post…