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In Search of the Perfect Hire (they do exist)

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December 18, 2012


As Indianapolis recruiters, we work hard to find the perfect candidates for our clients’ positions. Our clients trust our expertise to examine the skill level and personality of the candidate and match them up with the hiring manager’s needs. This results in a better fit for the company, less turnover and better on-the-job success. But does a perfect candidate truly exist?

Perfect Job Candidates - they do existWhile we can’t promise a perfect job fit every time, our Indianapolis recruiting team has a process that helps us narrow the field and arrive at a better qualified hire. Here are some of the methods we apply in our candidate searches:

  • Separate the critical skill requirements from the “nice-to-haves”: Once our client has clearly defined the minimum education or training needed for the job, our recruiting team can more clearly screen candidates with the right skill sets.
  • Discover important soft skills:  In each position, we have found that having a certain quality such as problem-solving or a specific behavioral attribute can make a difference in job performance.  So we always like to ask our clients about these important soft skills before beginning the recruiting process.
  • Learn the history of the position: Whether the position is a new one, or whether our client seeks to replace a previous or existing employee in the job, details about the position, team and working environment can help our recruiters understand the position better, and in return, find the best fit for the job.
  • Encourage feedback during interviews: During our candidate screening process, as well as during the client interview process, we like to keep the feedback loop open between our recruiting team and our hiring managers and executives. Whether it was a good first impression during a phone interview, or something that made a candidate stand out from the rest during an on-site visit, we appreciate both giving and receiving this valuable information so that we and our client can make an informed decision.

The proper techniques and insight about a position make the perfect hire possible. Armed with these strategies — and a little help from our clients — we can uncover these perfect hires, and match them with their perfect positions.