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Interviewing Lessons Learned from American Idol

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January 26, 2010


It is, once again, that highly anticipated season of American Idol! Watching the auditions, it occurred to me how much these tryouts are like interviewing for Central Indiana jobs!  Your Indianapolis job search is in a very tight job market with many, many candidates vying for the same position.


Here are my observations and how it relates to your Indianapolis job search:

·         Those that portrayed a positive attitude had a far greater advantage. When a negative attitude is perceived, you are instantly eliminating yourself. Case in point:  Andrew Fenlon. The guy who was clearly annoyed he had to wait for his audition. This instantly put off the judges and eliminated any shot of him going to Hollywood.

·         Those that appear genuine like Maddy Curtis have a definite advantage from the start. Maddy came across truly appreciative for the opportunity to audition. She projected a positive and confident attitude and the judges (even Simon!) instantly liked her..

·         The way you project yourself is everything! Case in point: those that auditioned in crazy outfits, not focused or had a sense of entitlement negatively swayed the judges’ opinion before they even auditioned.


You may be lucky enough to interview with a Paula but in this intensely competitive central Indiana job market, you will more likely be interviewing with a Simon 


The moral to my watching 3 hours of Reality TV in one week:   No matter if you are looking for HR jobs in Indianapolis, Accounting jobs in Indianapolis, six figure jobs or administrative jobs in Indianapolis and no matter how discouraged you are in your job search or irritated you might be with a prospective employer, never let this come through. Always convey a confident (but not cocky!), professional and enthusiastic attitude. You could be the most qualified candidate on paper but Indianapolis staffing companies and executive recruiters are also looking for employees who will not only be able to use their skills but also contribute to a positive and productive environment.

Hopefully, this helps you get your "golden ticket"