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Job Candidates: Tips on Working with a Recruiter

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September 25, 2012


Many job-seekers connect with recruiters at the beginning of a job search, hoping that the staffing firm will help them find their ideal job. They may get discouraged when the recruiter doesn’t find them a position or even any interviews. But what the job-seeker may not realize is that a recruiter’s job is actually to fill specific positions that their client companies request – not to help that one candidate find a job.

At That’s Good HR, we can serve as a good resource for candidates looking for a position, but only as they are a fit for our client positions. In the end, we work for the client companies, not for the specific job seekers. However, we do hope that all of our candidates find meaningful and fulfilling employment, and we will try to help to open a door with one of our client companies if the opportunity arises.

Here are some best practices for working with a recruiting firm:

  • Learn the industries for which your recruiting firms specialize in recruiting. For That’s Good HR, it would be temporary staffing, including administrative, finance, accounting and human resources. You may even want to tailor your resume to fit these criteria, if it makes sense.
  • Give the recruiter as much information about your ideal job. Be honest when you speak with a recruiter about your desired position, your skills and experience, and your expectations for your future job. This will help them to match you with the right opportunities for both you and their clients.
  • Stay in contact with your recruiter. If you have landed a position, or your career search has shifted gears, let the recruiting firm know so that they can update their records, and/or keep you in mind for upcoming opportunities.
  • Use your recruiter as a resource, not a total solution to your job hunt. Because recruiters are searching for specific candidates, you’ll need to take advantage of other networking and job-seeking channels, such as participation on LinkedIn or attending professional networking events and job fairs, for a better overall job search experience.

Building a relationship with a recruiting firm has its advantages during the job hunt. Knowing the process that we use to find candidates for our client companies, as well as how to communicate and present yourself effectively to recruiters, can help make your job search go that much smoother.