Keep Your Best People – Lifeboat Part V

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September 21, 2009
Clint Swindall wrote a great book called "Engaged Leadership" where he talks about how not only to keep your best people but how to keep them actively engaged in your company.  This take true leadership, especially when times are tough.

This is the last installment in my series of blog posts about what to keep in your lifeboat when the economic waters get rough.  Best for last, I say, because in my mind, this is the result of keeping the previous 4 items from going overboard in rough waters.  You sense of humor, your expectations, your integrity and your patience are all critical in keeping your best people engaged instead of jumping overboard and swimming for shore.

The sharks are circling and if you don’t take care of you best people regardless of the circumstances, when they jump out of the boat, someone else will.  This is the perfect time to re-recruit your best people BEFORE they leave.  Get them engaged in the planning process as you define your mission to weather the storm and come out stronger than ever. 

That’s Good HR focuses on staffing for Indianapolis Job openings and we know that as hiring trends improve, the best employees who do not feel like they have been appreciated during the tough times will be the first to look for greener pastures.

Keep your best people in your lifeboat now…I think I see land on the horizon.