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Limiting your Indianapolis Job Search

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September 28, 2009
I’ve had a few candidates that I’ve spoken with in the last couple of months that have asked me if they are at a disadvantage if they are only "putting their eggs in a few baskets".  In other words, they want to know if it’s okay that they only target a few companies in their Indianapolis job search.  My immediate response to them is YES, you are at a major disadvantage if you are going to so narrowly limit your search in this economic climate! 

Hiring trends in Indianapolis (and nationwide for that matter) have changed dramatically in the last year (as if we all weren’t already aware of that).  Companies are posting fewer positions externally and taking longer to fill those positions.  There was a time when it may have been okay to watch those 2-3 companies that you would love to work for and just wait for an opening, but that doesn’t work in this market if you have to land something soon.  

If you are still gainfully employed but looking for your next big career move, I can understand this strategy.  However, if you are one of the victims of the spree layoffs or company closing for the last year, this approach is not smart.  You definitely need to make sure that you are keeping your options open so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities that pop up that may not be with a company on your target list.  Worst case scenario: you go interview for the company and you don’t like them.  Big deal!  At least you got the additional interviewing experience. 

A perfect way to balance your job search focus on the key companies (or industries) you would love to work for while still being open to other opportunities is to work with a recruiter.  They are going to be aware of other Indianapolis job openings that may be active/open but not posted on a company’s website or other job boards.  They also may have contacts in their network within the companies or industries that you are targeting.   

In my next post I will talk about how to present yourself to those companies or industries that are the top 2-3 on your list.  It is very important that you nail your approach so that you come across as a prepared and informed candidate.