Managing Job Stress in Central Indiana Jobs

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February 5, 2010

It does not matter if you work for an Indianapolis Staffing company, are in Accounting & Finance, are an Executive Recruiter, in management positions in Indianapolis or in an Administrative job in Indianapolis – we have all had to deal with job stress over the past year. In this difficult economy, you may find it harder than ever to cope with challenges in central Indiana jobs. Both the stress we take with us when we go to work and the stress that awaits us on the job are on the rise – and employers, managers, and workers are all feeling the pressure. While some stress is a normal part of life, excessive stress interferes with your productivity and reduces your physical and emotional health, so it’s important to find ways to keep it under control. Fortunately, there many things that you can do to manage and reduce stress at work.

  • Create a balanced schedule. Analyze your schedule, responsibilities and daily tasks. All work and no play is a recipe for burnout. Try to find a balance between work and family life, social activities, exercise, daily responsibilities and downtime.
  • Don’t over-commit yourself. Avoid scheduling things back-to-back or trying to fit too much into one day. All too often, we underestimate how long things will take. If you’ve got too much on your plate, distinguish between the "911 situations" and the "to get to" projects. Drop tasks that aren’t truly necessary to the bottom of the list or eliminate them entirely.
  • Try to leave earlier in the morning. Even 10-15 minutes can make the difference between frantically rushing to your desk and having time to ease into your day. Don’t add to your stress level by running late. Coming in early allows you some “quiet time” to tackle tasks before they tackle you.
  • Plan regular breaks. Make sure to take short breaks throughout the day to sit back and clear your mind. Also try to get away from your desk for lunch. Stepping away from work to briefly relax and recharge will help you be more, not less, productive.
  • Prioritize tasks. Make a list of tasks you have to do, and tackle them in order of importance. Do the high-priority items first. If you have something particularly unpleasant to do, get it over with early. The rest of your day will be more pleasant as a result.
  • Break projects into small steps. If a large project seems overwhelming, make a step-by-step plan. Focus on one manageable step at a time, rather than taking on everything at once.
  • Most Importantly, HAVE FUN! The most healthy and productive work environments are the ones where there is teamwork, positive interaction and a sense of humor over the quirks and stresses that inevitably occur.

If you are in a culture that invariably drags you down, it may be time to think about looking at Indianapolis job openingsIndianapolis Staffing companies and Executive Recruiters are  great ways to explore opportunities and help guide you to find the right fit!