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National Staffing Week and the art of “Thank you!”

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September 16, 2010
This is a "repost" of a blog that was published last year at this time. It is that time of year again and we want to extend our extreme gratitude to all of our employees -this one is for you!

The dictionary definition of the word grateful is: "warmly and deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received. Thankful"

My definition of the word grateful follows:

Not sure if you knew about the recent week of appreciation devoted to our staffing employees, deemed "National Staffing Employee Week" for the Staffing Industry. At That’s Good HR in Indianapolis we dedicated the week to recognizing all of our  temporary and contract employees that work very hard for us and more specifically, fill all kinds of Indianapolis job openings for our clients. Our temporary employees specialize in accounting, finance, HR, administrative, clerical, customer service and medical positions in Central Indiana.

Looking back on the week, it was probably one of the best investments in both time and money that we have made this year.  Saying "thank you" to those without whom we would not be here today, is so important.  It also goes to show that at the end of the day, everyone likes to be appreciated and noticed as a contributor every now and then.
Throughout the week we have received emails and thank you’s. That’s right, people are saying "thank you" for saying "thank you"…how great is that?!  Here is an example of a thank you we received….

"WOW!  What a great surprise!  Can’t thank you all enough for the bag full of goodies.  All things that I can use and especially like the idea that they will sit on my desk and remind me of the wonderful company that employs me!!  And the candy was great, too!!  That I didn’t need, but can I tell you it’s gone already?!


Seriously, it’s a pleasure to know and work with such pleasant, thoughtful and professional people."

In this industry, there is sometimes the perception that staffing companies work only for the client company because they ultimately pay the bill and that we do not care as much about our candidates. I am sure there have been instances in our industry where that has been the case and it is unfortunate. My belief is that we could have more job orders than we know what to do with but if we do not have good employees to place in the positions our company ultimately would not be successful.

Our lifeblood in the staffing industry is placing quality people in the right jobs at the right time, but the most important part of that equation is the "people" part and it is important that we treat our "people" with the respect that they deserve as loyal and hard working extensions of our company.  I am sure that I have fallen short on that in the past but after last week’s reminder of how important our temporary employees and contractors are to That’s Good HR, I will not be forgetting again anytime soon.

So, in case you did not hear us say it last week, let me be clear when I say to you, our employees…THANK YOU!!!!