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Never give up…even if your mother tells you to…

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January 28, 2010
"Never give up" is a lot of pressure. MY personal take on that is "never give up if you truly believe that your direction, path, effort or intent is right".  If you are true to your cause, even when obstacles appear, keep on keepin’ on and in the end, if you give it your best shot, you win even if you lose.  Be it in your Indianapolis job search or your search for that perfect candidate for your job opening or really anything you do in life, this motto seems to have worked well for me.

Take my son, Nate, for example.  I know, I know…I should stop using Nate as a muse to write my blog posts, he does not even know what a "hiring trend" or a headhunter means.   However, he consistently provides examples of how the simple things in life are the ones we forget as we get old and busy and grumpy.
Actual picture of the ring to which I refer in this post
Nate has a hidden drawer in a dresser where he stashes all of his "valuables" and until I find and reclaim them, even some of mine.  On occasion, Nate finds it necessary in that big heart of his to offer tokens of his friendship and love to his friends and family.  Last week, I received a call from his after school counselor concerned about the nice gold ring in the fancy velvet box that he was attempting to give to a girl friend of his.  She confiscated the loot and kept it in safekeeping until I came to pick him up.  At home that evening, we talked about the incident and I felt sure I had been very clear about the whole "not bringing my jewelry to school and giving it to a girl" issue. 

The next morning, my husband came to find out that the mother of the little girl who was the recipient of my son’s affection happened to work at his office and they had a little laugh about the whole incident.  That should have been the end of it.  Not so fast… Two days later, my husband receives the following email upon arriving in his office.

"Good morning Greg,

Ariel came home from school on Friday with a ring, I thought the counselor at school and the teacher had already confiscated some jewelry from Nate, it appeared Nate was very determined to give Ariel a ring and probably had back up plans…Just FYI, in Chinese tradition, the groom’s family is responsible for the wedding, we decided we will keep the Chinese tradition…  That being said, I am happy to pay for the cake and maybe flowers too…"

I think that demonstrates my point about having that "never give up if you truly believe that your direction, path, effort or intent is right" attitude.  I guess I should add to that…even if your mother tells you to.  Sometimes, you just have to go with your heart and keep going back to the fight until you really feel like it is time to give up.  If you need advice on this, I am happy to introduce you to Nate. 

If you need advice on how to best apply this to your Indianapolis job search, call That’s Good HR to talk about your next career move and we can help point you in the direction to pursue your next opportunity with perseverance.  While we do not recommend you use jewelry to secure a six figure job, we can provide other pointers that may help.