NOT a blog post about the Winter Olympics

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February 23, 2010
I have to admit, it was really hard not to capitalize on the topic of the day and make an analogy between Indianapolis job openings or hiring trends and the Olympics.  I came so very close to doing exactly that and then I stopped myself as so many others have already done that this month and with what I am sure is much more finesse than I could muster.

Instead, I am going to capture and maintain your interest by talking about how cool it is to be part of an industry that a recent survey says actually saves companies money.  The staffing industry has historically not always been associated with the most positive press and we have, indeed, been the victim of a few bad apples on more than one occasion.  Hiring trends over the past year have made it a true challenge to be in the Indianapolis staffing industry, but those of us who kept the seat belt on (and it was pretty tight, let me tell you) and made it through the rough ride, it is nice to come out on the other end with a little bit of positive news about this business we love so much.

I recently reviewed a study published by Staffing Industry Analysts that indicates the following Key Findings:

  • There is near unanimous agreement among contingent staffing buyers that the use of contingent labor saves money—92% reported so.

Now, this is not a cool industry to be in only because there is current good news from the economics of working with our company.  The fact that during a time when each and every day people who are still feeling the sting of 2009, looking for work, trying to find their way back to where they were both personally and financially a year ago, we make job matches every day and that is pretty cool.  Every interview, introduction and placement – be it temporary or direct hire – that we make, means a difference in a person’s life; and don’t think that a day goes by that we do not recognize that fact. 

Sure, commerce is for profit, we are all here to make a living and without making money our doors would have closed as they did for many less fortunate Indianapolis staffing companies last year.  I challenge you to ask anyone who has been in this crazy business for as long as I have what their top three reasons are for staying in this industry and money will not rank in the top three…maybe four, but not in the top three.

Some of the press is confusing (imagine that) and we are not sure how to feel.  One article in the New York Times states a positive correlation between increased temp usage and impending increases in hiring trends.  The next week we are looking at this data not necessarily meaning what we thought it did, as stated in this Forbes article that does not see the increase in full time hiring following the growth of temporary hiring anytime soon.

As I stated in an earlier blog post, you need to "stop where you are, consider the information at hand and sort through what is relevant to your own personal situation and you do your very best to use it effectively".  Right now, I am going to use the good news circulating about our industry to post blogs such as this one to spread the word.