Perks, Perks and More Perks

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Julie Johnson headshot.
Julie Johnson
Talent Acquisition Partner
October 7, 2021

Times are changing, and job perks at major companies and small businesses are changing along with them. Where it was once ping pong tables and free food that brought in new employees, now there’s more of a focus on flexible/remote work schedules, a culture of wellness and generous leave policies. If you’re on the hunt for a new career (or looking to hire top local talent) check out these changes in hiring trends and job perks from the staffing specialists at That’s Good HR. 

A changing workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic brought more changes than just whether or not to shake hands at an interview. More and more companies are increasing their use of contract or temp-to-hire talent on staff in order to rebuild business due to the operational disruption of the pandemic, and the number of workers wishing to pursue contract work is increasing as well. One of the biggest perks to contract and temp-to-hire positions is the flexibility that is offered, giving employees more time with family, wellness resources and overall self-care options. 

Top post-pandemic perks

In addition to more flexible work schedules, the most popular perks right now include remote work, employee discounts and paid parental leave. The option to work remotely is totally shaping how employers recruit new candidates and retain their current workforce. With the help of staffing firms like That’s Good HR, we can advocate both for employers to assist in hiring the best candidates for the job, as well as advocate for job seekers to identify the best working situation for their personality and current situation. 

Additional nice-to-have perks

Studies show that many HR managers have added new job perks to their hiring packages as a result of the pandemic and that a majority of employees would be willing to give up at least one traditional job perk in exchange for choosing their own workspace. In addition to the top perks of flexible work options, companies are also including more wellness resources, mental health plans, child care assistance and stipends to set up your own home office. Employers are realizing that it takes more than outdated job perks to create a positive culture for employees, primarily by offering a new sense of work-life balance with extra flexibility and assistance for parents/caregivers. 

Benefits and perks at That’s Good HR

When you partner with That’s Good HR, one of the top perks is that we’ll be with you every step of the way on your job search, handling all of the interviewing and onboarding details and offering solid solutions should any problems arise. We also ensure that you’ll have the best hiring package at your new company by finding out what’s most important to you and advocating on your behalf. And on our end, we offer insurance, holiday/vacation pay and referral bonuses for our temp and temp-to-hire candidates! 

If you’re ready to find a new job in HR, administrative, customer service, healthcare, or accounting, submit your resume to That’s Good HR today! We’d love to match you with the best work opportunity for you, your skills and your personal needs.