Recruiting job boards receive investment money?!

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August 17, 2009

Keep an eye on these two job boards that received noticeable capital infusions in the past two weeks!

First, with the explosion of LinkedIN, Facebook, and Twitter you knew it was only a matter of time before someone figured out how to combine them all. Well, even in this challenging environment a new recruiting website has attempted just that, and has managed to attract venture capital…yes you heard correct. They have just received an infusion of $3 million, is a new networking site that describes itself as “the first platform dedicated to social recruiting, which brings the relationship-oriented process of social networking to job recruiting.” Think of KODA as Facebook without the embarrassing pictures and without the comments from friends you never want mom — or a recruiter — to see. My theory has always been that in the world of social networking/recruiting: LinkedIN is the “office”, Facebook is the “backyard bbq”. KODA appears to have landed somewhere in the middle and I believe that is a very strong place to be. 

Second, Simply Hired has also received a nice cash boost recently. In recent efforts to raise capital to battle it’s rival, Simply Hired has cashed a check for $4.6 million. Like most companies, if you can invest during a downturn and better positioned when things officially turn around, what competitors you did have will be quickly fading away.

Let’s keep a watchful recruiting eye on and, they could be the wave of the future?