Recruiting Under the Radar

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Recruiting under the radar
Mary Springer headshot
Mary Springer
January 9, 2023

Let’s talk about recruiting under the radar. Recruiting under the radar may sound like an undercover operation, but it has a very real business application for today’s employers and HR professionals. Occasionally you find yourself with an employee who is underperforming. You’ve invested time and training, but the employee isn’t accomplishing necessary job duties or is showing signs of disengagement, like consistent absences and an inability to follow through on assigned tasks. To put it simply, the employee is not a good fit for the role, and you need to hire someone who is.

Here, timing is everything. After all, businesses often comprise several positions that are designed to work together. Ideally you want to minimize the time between releasing your current employee and onboarding your new one. You don’t want to post the role on the company website because the current employee may find out and leave abruptly. You need to recruit, but you need to recruit under the radar.

That’s Good HR can help. In addition to recruiting, we’re known as professional problem solvers. Read on to see how we’ll work to quietly match you with a candidate whose skills and experience allow them to seamlessly integrate into you team.

We’ll recruit confidentially

As our recruiters communicate with interested candidates, we can remain vague about the company’s identity until you feel comfortable disclosing it. We can also reach out to candidates who have worked with us in the past. Because we have an established relationship, the candidate knows we pride ourselves on integrity and working with the Indianapolis area’s top employers. A specific company name isn’t necessary to get the recruiting process underway.

We’ll set up interviews in a neutral location

If you’re not comfortable interviewing candidates in your own offices, we’ll work with you to find a quiet spot outside the office. This may be something as casual as your local coffee shop. We can also offer you space inside the That’s Good HR offices off 86th Street and Keystone in Indianapolis.

We’ll be your partner throughout the recruiting process and beyond

That’s Good HR doesn’t disappear after the initial match is made. Instead, we stay in touch with employers and employees, working to facilitate continued communications. The new hire phase can be tricky, and everyone benefits when That’s Good HR is part of the process. We welcome honest feedback from all parties to help companies to recruit and retain the best talent.

Recruiting in today’s hiring market can be a challenge, and that challenge is magnified when you’re trying to accomplish the process quickly and quietly. That’s Good HR offers staffing solutions for all your hiring challenges, even those that require a discreet approach. Let us help you find the perfect match.