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Reduce Job Searching Stress

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Ashley Paramoure
January 31, 2018

We get it. Searching for a new job can be stressful. The waiting, the interviewing, the preparation.  So, how does one survive?  Sit back and relax, and let That’s Good HR help.

First up, don’t let your anxiety get the best of you.  Focus on other things while you are waiting for the right opportunity to come along.  Try the following:

  • Read a career book that you’ve always wanted to (need suggestions?).
  • Revise your resume. Use our resume template to get started.
  • Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date.
  • Focus on your current job and exceling at your work.

Use your time to prepare for upcoming interviews.  Being prepared helps reduce nerves and will help you focus once it’s time to talk to a company. Once you have an interview, use your time to do your research on the company so you are well versed before you walk in the door.  Here are some popular interview questions and suggested answers.

It takes time for the right opportunity to come along.  Make sure you’re are checking the TGHR job board and letting your recruiter know if anything peaks your interest.  Be patient and don’t let anxiety get the best of you (see above!).

So, make sure and keep your head up.  Don’t let your confidence slip away.  You need to make sure you are poised and ready to go when it’s time to interview.  Believe in yourself and be patient as the right position for you is out there somewhere!