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Outrageous Resume Mistakes

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Staci Upmeyer
September 6, 2018

Even in today’s job market where jobs are more plentiful than employees, it still matters what is on your resume.  Career Builder just released a new study that revealed the most outrageous resume mistakes that hiring managers nationwide have experienced. Even though 23 percent of hiring managers admitted to spending less than 30 seconds reviewing a resume, that was still enough time to find these mistakes. The errors included an applicant listing 40 different jobs in one year, using a different font for each sentence, an applicant that stated they do not like babies or puppies and a resume that was just one sentence long.

The survey also highlighted the seven most common resume mistakes that prospective employees make.  The number one mistake? Typos and bad grammar (77 percent) top the list.  Other mistakes include an unprofessional email address (35 percent), resume without quantifiable results (34 percent) and resume being more than two pages (17 percent).

Your resume is your first impression; therefore, it’s advised that you have someone else review your resume before sending it out.  Who is the perfect person for that job?  A recruiter at That’s Good HR! Among the benefits that a recruiter provides, resume assistance is at the top of that list.  Remember, a recruiter reviews resumes for a living, so they are immensely qualified to edit your resume.  In addition, when you interview at TGHR, your recruiting specialist will listen and ask about your skills that might not even currently be listed on your resume.

So take a peek at our job board, and apply for a job that peaks your interest. Don’t forget to attach your resume for immediate review!