Retention & Hiring Trends in a Recovering Economy

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April 12, 2010

As Central Indiana companies are celebrating an economic rebound, it is vital for companies to plan for growth. This will affect companies not only in increased revenues but also in employee turnover as the Central Indiana job market grows.  If you are an employee exploring Indianapolis job openings, it is important to research Central Indiana jobs that offer the benefits that are important to you.

A recent Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) survey revealed that turnover will rise significantly once the job market improves. Human Resource and Management felt that the job market will improve within the next year, according to the latest Job Recovery Survey.

The most common hiring trends in recruiting and retention strategies are competitive salary, competitive vacation and holidays and tuition reimbursement. Recruiting the right employees for Central Indiana jobs and keeping the right employees are key. Select the right people in the first place through behavior-based testing and competency screening. The right person, in the right seat, on the right bus is the starting point. Indianapolis Staffing companies, such as That’s Good HR, can play a valuable role in matching the right candidate with the right Central Indiana job!

Below are some common-sense recruiting and retention tips. These have been hard to find in companies over the last several years, as companies struggled to stay alive, but can result in a great return in happy and productive employees.

·         Offer an attractive, competitive, benefits package with components such as life insurance, disability insurance and flexible hours.

·         Provide opportunities for people to share their knowledge via training sessions, presentations, mentoring others and team assignments.

·         Demonstrate respect for employees at all times. Listen to them deeply; use their ideas; never ridicule or shame them.

·         Offer performance feedback and praise good efforts and results.

·         People want to enjoy their work. Make work fun. Engage and employ the special talents of each individual.

·         Involve employees in decisions that affect their jobs and the overall direction of the company whenever possible.

·         Recognize and celebrate success. Mark their passage as important goals are achieved.

·         Celebrate! Have a costume party every Halloween, have pitch-ins, celebrate company anniversaries.

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Team together for good causes. Run a food collection drive every November. Pick a monthly charity to help.

·         Provide opportunities within the company for cross-training and career progression. People like to know that they have room for career movement.

·         Provide the opportunity for career and personal growth through training and education, challenging assignments and more.

·         Communicate goals, roles and responsibilities so people know what is expected and feel like part of the in-crowd.


If you are a Central Indiana employer, what are your top recruiting and retention strategies?


If you are an employee who wants to make a job change, what is important to you?