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Sell Your Skills During the Interview!

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October 26, 2010
See yourself

You’ve finally landed that elusive job interview, hopefully through the guidance of your ever so helpful That’s Good HR recruiter!  Throughout my previous blogs, I’ve been giving you pointers and ideas on how to write your resume, how to handle the phone interview, what to say, what not to say, and a few other helpful hints during your job search.  Now that you’ve landed the interview and are all set to meet with the hiring manager or HR, what do you need to do to help close the deal?

One of the most important things that you can do during the interview is to sell yourself and your skills.  You are most likely not the only person interviewing for this position, so you need to stand apart from your competition.  Now…hear me out.  I’m not talking about being cocky or over the top.  Most hiring managers aren’t going to hire you if you walk in and start bragging about how lucky the company would be to have you and how you deserve to win an award for being the most awesome employee in the world.  However, they aren’t going to hire you if you’re so modest, no one ever knows that you’ve done anything successful in your life at all!  So, where is that balance?  And how do you “sell” yourself without coming across as being arrogant?

Don’t be afraid to talk about your accomplishments during the interview.  It’s not bragging if you’re simply stating the facts about what you’ve done to help your current or previous employer.  Make sure you focus on M.S.A.  Made, Saved, Achieved.  For example:  “I caught an error in a financial spreadsheet that ended up saving the company $450,000 in potential losses”.   Or, “Led cross functional team efforts related to product management including a sourcing project which resulted in 5% cost reduction through increased purchasing leverage".  Use tangible examples that get to the point and showcase your abilities.  And, be prepared to talk in detail about what you did to get to this accomplishment.  Whatever you do, don’t lie about anything!  Don’t take credit for something you didn’t do.  It will end up hurting you in the end and it’s not worth it.

I know not everyone is comfortable talking about themselves during the interview process.  Just remember, it’s what the hiring manager is looking for and wants to hear.  If you have any questions or want assistance in your job search, contact a Recruiter at That’s Good HR today!  317-469-4141