What Is REALLY Going On In The Indianapolis Job Market?

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July 26, 2011
I was recently contacted by Ed Wenck with WIBC to give our company’s viewpoint on thePulse current "pulse" of the Indianapolis job market.  Wow…what a tough question to answer.  This is literally the million dollar question that we get asked every day.  I knew I couldn’t respond with, "It depends", but that is honestly what I wanted to say.  The current hiring trends and overall health of the Indianapolis job market vary greatly based on industry and functional area.  I prefaced my comments to Ed by saying that my viewpoint is exclusive to what we see, hear, and experience through our clients and candidates.  Although not all-inclusive, I do feel like we interact with a variety of industries and functional areas to give a sound response. 

In summary, we feel as though things are still continuing to improve…especially when compared to the job market this time last year.  The majority of the Indianapolis direct hire job openings that are coming through our doors are in accounting, finance, human resources and operations.   On the contract side of our business, there seems to be a good mix of accounting and administrative/customer service opportunities.  The majority of the Indianapolis job openings (and really Indiana as a whole) seem to be focused in the following industries: manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, and financial services/public accounting.  However, there isn’t a consistent theme on the level of positions that are opening up.  One month we might have mostly mid level type positions and the next month we have mostly senior level positions, and then the cycles continues.  Because of this, it does make it difficult to predict the market to that degree.  The job market and one’s abillity to make a career move is still going to be a matter of timing.  And unfortunately one statistic that isn’t changing is the speed in which companies are getting through their hiring proces.  But, this post is focused on the positive aspect of the job market, so I’m going to move on and not dwell on that last comment.   So although we still can’t predict the market as well as we might’ve been able to a couple of years ago, we’re definitely gaining momentum and that’s a great start!

If you are interested in having an Indianapolis Recruiter assist with managing your career, please contact of one our recruiters here at That’s Good HR.  We can be your extra eyes and ears on the job market and make you aware of  positions that are opening up that might not ever make it to the job boards.  We can also be your advisor on new positions and help you through the process of weighing the opportunity against your key criteria in making a change.

P.S. Yahoo! Finance posted an article entitled "5 Places With Good Jobs And Cheap Housing"…. and Indy made the list!  How exciting!  As the article mentions, our state has a very strong job outlook and low cost of living that makes it enticing to keep our top talent within state lines.