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Social Media and your Job Hunt: LinkedIn Tips

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October 16, 2012


Many people claim that spending time on social media can help you find your next job. But where you should focus your time and effort on social media? And how can you use each social media site to position yourself well without jeopardizing your efforts?

Social media sites are not just places to look for jobs. They can also be a great way to be found by recruiters. Many recruiters, including That’s Good HR, use social media sites to find and screen candidates, particularly higher-level candidates, as well as post job openings. One of the main sites that recruiters and hiring managers use is LinkedIn. You can use your LinkedIn profile to create your online brand, and position yourself well in front of these recruiters. Some of the ways you can do this include:

  • Ensuring your LinkedIn profile is complete and accurate (including a professional-looking headshot/photo)
  • Showcasing detailed job experience, including successes and results
  • Including positive recommendations from colleagues and clients (recommending others as well, to show that you’re well-connected)
  • Writing a compelling headline, including the job title you seek, and any relevant keywords that recruiters might use in a candidate search
  • Displaying your recent blog posts
  • Linking to your other, relevant social media pages
  • Using applications such as SlideShare to post presentations you’ve given recently
  • Downloading a reading list application to show books you’re currently reading
  • Joining industry or local networking groups on LinkedIn and participating in discussions
  • Answering LinkedIn questions to show your expertise
  • Posting status updates, sharing information that showcases your skills and knowledge
  • Participating in group discussions with peers online
  • Following industry groups, prospective employers and thought leaders’ pages
  • Building a network of connections via LinkedIn by connecting with people you meet
  • Browsing job postings that recruiters or others have placed on LinkedIn
  • Using LinkedIn to learn more about prospective employers
  • Asking for introductions via your first degree connections to people you’d like to meet
  • Showcasing your portfolio or samples of your latest work

Your LinkedIn profile is part of your online brand. Use it effectively, and it will position you as a qualified person for the job, and help you stand out among the sea of other candidates.