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Social Networking…should you be online?

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January 6, 2009

You’ve probably heard the term and you’ve heard of the sites: LinkedIn, Facebook, and MySpace.  What do employers think of them?  How are you using your accounts?  

 Did you really put up the pictures from last years 4th of July party? You know the ones I’m speaking of!  YIKES!    

Two pieces of advice:

1. If you are not on LinkedIn, you should be.  According to their CEO, “LinkedIN is the office, Facebook is the barbecue in the backyard, and MySpace is the bar.”  AND, it is not just the office…there are currently just over 33 million members on LinkedIn, and over 60% of those members have high personal incomes and are either executives or consultants.  OK, so you may not receive a phone call directly from a high powered CEO…BUT there is a chance his HR Director will and they will not even tell you that they found your information on LinkedIn!  SIGN UP.

2. If you are going to join other truly social networking sites, don’t post any material that might make a future employer question your character.  According to recent polls, as much as 22% of employers are checking social networking sites before extending offers to new employees.

BE SMART, get online, and happy networking.