Summer Break

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June 1, 2010
Hey college students!  Are you wondering what to do with your summer besides just work?  How about invest some time into your future career?  Back in December I had a blog post focused on providing advice to college students on how they could make their winter break useful for something other than becoming an expert couch potato.  Well the same advice can be applied now that it’s summer time and college students have nearly 3 months off to decompress and get ready for next school year.  Hopefully most students have been able to secure a good summer job or internship to gain experience and maybe even a little bit of a paycheck; however, I would urge you to also put in a few extra hours over the summer to engage in other activities that will also help in your career or internship search that you may be starting in the next year or so.  I reference back to my post from December because all of the same information applies.  As a quick refresher, here  are some things you can do to make your break productive:

  • Spend time on your resume.  Add detail to your recent activities and remove any information that is no longer relevant. 
  • Find someone in your ideal profession(s) to job shadow.  What better way to learn whether or not you are going to even like doing that work day to day?  
  • Review the logs on file in your career center.  The types of positions that alumnus are now holding may have changed slightly since you (hopefully) reviewed it in December.  
  • Clean up your social networking sites and make them as private as possible.  There is no question that employers will be looking out there for dirt, so don’t give them the opportunity to find something. 

I know it seems extremely early to start dedicating time to these activities, but why not one-up your ever-growing competition by becoming better prepared and more informed than they will be?  The more activities you engage in now, the more you will learn and have time to adjust your search before it becomes crunch times. 

At That’s Good HR, working with new grads and college students is one of our favorite things to do!  So if you are seeking career advice or summer/seasonal work, be sure to give us a ring!