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This is What It’s Like to Be in the Middle

Tiffany Moore headshot.
Tiffany Moore
VP, Client Partnerships
August 10, 2022

Here at That’s Good HR, we are always carefully looking out for everyone’s best interests. We often find ourselves navigating “the middle” between what works best for our candidates and what our client companies need. The “Big Quit,” and growing demand for more remote positions and flexible work schedules have created unchartered waters for everyone. We are working hard and learning fast about what it’s like to be in the middle of the varied opinions on remote and hybrid work. We also see the opportunity for different generations of hiring managers and candidates to learn from each other on these topics

Remote work by the numbers

The majority of hiring managers (60%) have agreed that a full-time return to the office would be required for their companies by the end of 2022, reported in a GoodHire survey, while 64% of employees have said that they would look for a new job if they had to work in their office full time. Breaking that down by generation, a Bankrate survey reported that most younger employees (60% of millennials and 62% of Gen Z) rated a hybrid working schedule as their top priority while searching for a new job. Although it was less important to older generations, flexible work arrangements are still important to Baby Boomers at 47% and Gen X at 54%, with higher pay rates ranking higher for Boomers and equal for Gen X.

But since the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that millennials will make up 75% of the workforce by 2030, with Gen Z not far behind, hybrid work schedules are likely to become the norm for many companies sooner than later. As Sid Sijbrandij, CEO of GitLab Inc., one of the largest international all-remote organizations, said in a recent op-ed for Fortune: “For every company that is unwilling to provide any remote work flexibility to their employees, there’s another company, just around the corner, ready to poach their talent.”

Learning to be flexible

Although a number of candidates are seeking out jobs that are fully remote, many still want at least a few days in the office each week. Still others may want to be in the office every day, but would need to adjust their working hours. Employees with children in school or daycare may need to come in earlier so that they can pick their children up from school, or vice versa for morning drop-off. 

Some of our biggest advice to our employer clients is to learn how to provide flexibility to candidates wherever possible. As That’s Good HR Founder and Partner Mary Springer explained, “After two years of non-traditional work schedules due to the pandemic, we have discovered that candidates want flexibility – they want remote options and autonomy over when they come into the office.”

When remote options aren’t possible

With some companies, and for some hiring managers, remote work simply doesn’t seem possible. What do we say to clients when this is the case for their open position on our job board? “I’m honest with employers. If you are trying to fill an in-office position, you will have a limited number of candidates,” said Springer. “I also suggest offering direct-hire positions, rather than temp-to-hire. Temp-to-hire has worked well in the past, but today’s candidates want the security of a direct-hire position.”

Engaging candidates and new hires well is another way to encourage applications to your in-person position. As Springer explained, “You need to engage your employees to keep them. If you are going to ask them to come to the office, make it fun.” In-office perks can include a more casual dress code, free snacks or meals, parking stipends and team-building activities. The needs and wants of your workforce can change quickly, so checking in with employees about their individual situations (and supporting them wherever possible) will make them more likely to stay. A well-managed onboarding program is another opportunity to show employees you care, especially with a mentor to guide new hires through their first weeks and months.

If you need support in hiring for your next hybrid or in-office position, creating more flexible work arrangements or building out a new onboarding process, That’s Good HR can help. Contact us today online or at 317-469-4141 to learn more!


Top 5 Stressors for Job Seekers in Indiana

Greta Cline, CFO
Greta Cline
Partner, CFO/COO
May 26, 2022

Hoosiers across the state are seeking out new jobs. Whether you are part of “The Big Quit” and looking for something with more flexibility in the wake of the pandemic, or are just looking for the next step in your career, more people than ever are looking for jobs and contributing to a record low unemployment rate. However, the job search can be stressful too, so we’re exploring the top stressors for job seekers in Indiana — and how That’s Good HR can help you find a position that fits all of your needs!

Important statistics for job seekers

If you’re searching for a new job, you’re not alone. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) of Indiana, 44% of Hoosiers are actively looking for or keeping an eye on job boards to find something new. A majority at 62% of job seekers are looking to change industries completely, and 1 in 5 Hoosiers have recently changed jobs. 

This has put our state at just a 2.2% unemployment rate as of April 2022, well below the record-low national average unemployment rate of 3.6% (Indiana Department of Workforce Development). In fact, April was the sixth straight month that the Hoosier unemployment rate has been under 3%. While this is good news for many, there are still a number of stressors that job seekers are taking into consideration during their job search. 

1. Personal debt

Topping the list of stressors for job seekers in Indiana is personal debt. Maybe you were temporarily or permanently laid off during the early days of the pandemic and have been in debt ever since. Or did you take advantage of this wild real estate market and invest in a new home — and a bigger mortgage payment? No matter the reason for your personal debt, That’s Good HR can help you find a job that will pay you fairly. And if you take on a temporary or temp-to-hire position through our staffing specialists, you can earn not just a competitive hourly rate and holiday/vacation pay, you can also receive referral bonuses when you recommend your family and friends to us!

2. Flexible and remote options

Per the SHRM, the majority of Hoosiers (55%) are seeking out remote-only positions. Many of us got a taste of what a flexible or remote schedule can look like during quarantines in 2020, and for a number of employers there has been no looking back. But if you are still going into the office every day and looking for something more flexible, we will do our best to help you find something that fits your schedule. 

3. Medical leave

Next on the list of stressors for job seekers in Indiana is medical benefits and insurance. We partner with a number of local employer clients to match you with the best fit for your new job, and that includes finding the best options for important benefits like insurance and medical leave/sick days. And if you work in a temp-to-hire position through That’s Good HR, you can receive health insurance through our office during your assignment as well.

4. Mental health

Now more than ever, mental health is becoming a bigger focus in our culture, and we are starting to see employers include mental health and other wellness programs as benefits listed in their job postings. When you are filtering through job boards, take note of the employers that mention mental health, acknowledge job stress and how they combat it, etc. You can also make it a point to ask about mental health policies in your next job interview. Let us help you find an employer that is committed to taking mental wellness off your list of stressors!

5. Retirement

The final of the top 5 stressors for job seekers in Indiana is retirement. Although it can be easy for some employers (and some job seekers) to focus on the benefits that affect our here and now, building up a retirement fund is important to most of us. A recent survey actually indicated that the younger the generation, the younger they wish to retire, with Baby boomers (aged 57-75) planning to work until 68, Gen X (41-56) planning to retire at 60 and Millennials (25-40) planning for retirement at 59. The average age of retirement isn’t far off at 62, but a well-planned retirement strategy and benefits from your employer are necessary to retire on your terms. 

Let That’s Good HR help you find the right job with a local Indianapolis company that will help buffer the stressors on your list. Contact us today at 317-469-4141 or check out our current open positions to learn more.

Job Advice

Creating Your Own Luck in the Job Hunt

Madison Schacht headshot.
Madison Schacht
Manager of Talent Acquisition
March 8, 2022

Sometimes finding the best job can seem even harder than hunting down a four-leaf clover. Sure, some of it may rely on luck, but ultimately, we think you make your own luck. With a little help from the staffing experts at That’s Good HR, you can take steps to find a career that you’ll feel lucky to have. 

Leverage your connections

You can always apply for jobs where you don’t know anyone or much about the company, but we find that candidates have more luck on their side when they leverage existing connections. Reach out to friends, family and past coworkers to see if they know of any hiring companies that may be a good fit. And when you work with That’s Good HR, you’ll always know that you have a connection to your potential employer. We know the city of Indianapolis inside and out, and we are ready to match you with the right employer. 

Improve your resume

One of the first ways that employers learn about you and your skills is through your resume, so let us help you make it a good one. We can help you eliminate these “lucky seven” things off of your next resume, and our talent acquisition partners can also discuss what you think are the most important parts of your experience so that we can bring them up with your potential employers. The way that we give your resume a voice for hiring companies is one of the “luckiest” parts of partnering with That’s Good HR. 

Find a good luck charm

We know … we just said that you don’t have to rely on luck to get a job. But science has shown us that lucky charms and little superstitions can work if you think they work! If you have a “lucky shirt” you can wear on your next Zoom call or a special “interview day” ritual, believing that you have luck on your side can actually improve your mental and physical performance. It may be a placebo effect, but it certainly can’t hurt to give yourself a little confidence boost when you’re feeling nervous.

If you are ready to strike it lucky with your job search, contact the staffing experts at That’s Good HR today at 317-469-4141! 

Customer Experiences

Candidate Spotlight: Q & A with Jessica Jordan

Greta Cline, CFO
Greta Cline
Partner, CFO/COO
October 15, 2020

This month we’re highlighting one of our star candidates: Jessica Jordan.

Jessica went to college in Eureka, California for Political Science, but has been placed in several positions by TGHR since she graduated and first applied for a company’s position that we were overseeing. We asked Jessica if she’d be willing to share her experience working with us and she said, “Yes!”

How did your relationship with TGHR begin? 

I applied for a position on a major job posting site and That’s Good HR was managing the search for the company. 

What was your major/field of study?

Political Science

Where did you work before TGHR?

I worked at FloorTec in Eureka, CA before finishing college, and TGHR has been helping place me since I graduated.

What have you loved the most about your assignments with TGHR?

Being able to work in different fields has been wonderful, especially when I was first starting my career and figuring out what career path I wanted to take. With That’s Good HR, I have worked in Healthcare, IT, Retail, and Construction. The companies I worked with were great, and I really enjoyed my coworkers. 

What have you enjoyed most about working with TGHR?

I have really enjoyed working with Kate Stephens. She has been so wonderful and thoughtful to work with. Kate listens to what I am looking for and has never pressured me to interview for a position I did not feel was a good fit. My happiness with an opportunity is equally important to her as the employer’s happiness.  

What is your advice to others considering working with TGHR?

It is definitely worth your time to work with TGHR. I have referred a few of my friends because I truly believe my career would not be where it is if it wasn’t for TGHR.

What are the top assignments you have had with TGHR and why?

  1. [Technology Company] – I temped a few days at the front desk which allowed me to network with employees leading to getting a full-time job a year later with the company.
  2. [Retail Company] – This was a great career jump for me because I made the move into the C-suite as an executive assistant. My bosses were wonderful there, and I made outside work friendships with other EAs.
  3. [Utility Company] – My current position. I advanced to Executive Assistant to the CEO, and I could not be happier with my role and the company.  

Do you have a successful placement story to share? We’d love to feature it in our next newsletter. Just send us a message to let us know and we’ll follow up with you to find out more details.