What We Learned From Our LinkedIn Polls – Employer Edition

LinkedIn polls offer new insights.
Mary Springer headshot
Mary Springer
December 8, 2022

Have you answered one of our LinkedIn online polls this year? These periodic queries offer a unique vantage point for understanding the Indianapolis-area job market from both the employee and employer point-of-view. As we finish 2022, let’s look at what insights our followers can give employers who want to start the year off right in 2023.

Benefits matter

Our research tells that benefits are an integral part of any employment package. With today’s competitive job market, you want to be able to attract the best talent to make your company stronger and more productive. We asked our followers to choose one benefit out of a list of four:

·        Four-day work week

·        Remote work option

·        Unlimited PTO

·        Fully paid health insurance

We had a statistical tie for first, with the four-day work week and remote work option each receiving 36% of the vote. In fact, we’ve known for a while that remote work is reshaping requirement and hiring. This survey seems to agree.

The power of referrals

Finding the right candidates in today’s job market can be a challenge. According to Training Magazine’s 2021 Training Industry Report, companies spend an average of $1,071 to train a new employee. Subsequently, you want to find the right candidate the first time. How do companies find new employees? According to our LinkedIN poll, referral by another employee is the top solution. At That’s Good HR, we often rely on referrals to place qualified candidates in positions best suited for their talent and skill set.

Making them an offer

The best defense is a good offense, and many of our client companies stay ahead of the game by adjusting their hiring strategies. When we asked our LinkedIn followers how they had modified their offer packages to attract the best talent, we had them choose between four options:

·        A flexible schedule or remote work

·        Better compensation

·        Extra benefits

·        A sign-on bonus

The answers also tell us what we’ve discovered over the course of 2022. A whopping 60% percent of those responding say remote work and flexible schedules help employers land – and keep – qualified candidates. Better compensation was cited by 20% of those who responded.

What is 2023 bringing to the hiring market? We’re reading the same headlines as you are and wondering if the economy is going to bounce back or whether we’re facing a recession. In these uncertain times, you deserve a staffing expert on your side. The professional staff at That’s Good HR invests the necessary time to understand what your company is looking for in an employee. Above all, we appreciate that your time is valuable, and we will only refer candidates whose unique skills answer your company’s individual needs. We’ll also stick around to troubleshoot any problems that arise and continue to work to meet your company’s hiring goals. At That’s Good HR, the match matters. We’d love to help you. Reach out now for more information.