Can Being Grateful Make You Healthier?

Tiffany Moore headshot.
Tiffany Moore
VP, Client Partnerships
April 21, 2020

It has been said that being grateful can make you happier.  According to an article published by Harvard Medical School, giving thanks, or being grateful, does, in fact, make you happier. The article claims the reason for this is being grateful helps a person connect to something greater than themselves, which, in turn, provides a sense of comfort that goodness can be found out in the world.  Being grateful is often associated with being happier, but can being grateful make you healthier?

Consider this – people who are healthier, often get more sleep and being grateful can help you sleep longer. While you sleep, your blood pressure goes down, which helps to give your heart a rest after a long day. Having high blood pressure can lead to an increased risk of heart attack or stroke, so reducing your blood pressure daily has concrete health benefits.  A recent study found that people who kept a gratitude journal slept for an average of a half an hour more each night and woke up feeling more refreshed than the group who didn’t keep a gratitude journal. Thirty minutes doesn’t sound like a lot, but 30 minutes a night for a month would result in an extra 15 hours of sleep a month!

Being grateful can also lead to fewer aches and pains. Grateful people also are more likely to exercise, which improves your life expectancy according to Psychology Today. The Mayo Clinic claims that having a daily practice of gratitude can boost your immune system, which is much needed during the winter cold and flu season.

How can you adopt an attitude of gratitude and become healthier at the same time?  Here’s some simple ways to start:

  • Start a gratitude journal and write down your thoughts daily.
  • Put items you are thankful for in a jar.
  • Write a thank you note to someone.
  • Meditate on gratitude.
  • Check out these other options.

Improve Your Desk Health

Lindsey Curtis
October 30, 2019

Are you slumped down in your office chair as you read this?  Have you been staring at the computer screen all day?  When was the last time you stretched your arms?  Approximately 86% of American workers sit all day at work and some believe their office chair is hurting their health.  Don’t let this be your fate! Try these simple suggestions to improve your health throughout the day.

Get those steps in!  Use the stairs to get to your office – even if it is just a few floors.  Take a lap around the cubicles a few times a day to get your blood pumping. In addition, try a walking meeting.  This format was a favorite of Apple founder Steve Jobs and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has adopted this meeting style.

Take a break! Experts recommend taking your eyes off your computer screen every 15 – 20 minutes.  Take a minute or two to focus on something in the distance to give your eyes a rest.

Reach for the stars! Or rather stretch a few times a day while at your desk.  WebMD recommends simple stretches like shrugging your shoulders and circling your arms to refresh yourself.

Organize a fitness class with coworkers! Grab your coworkers and get a work out in together.  Many fitness professionals will come to your location.  Or find your favorite workout online and share it with others.  TGHR had a trainer lead an outdoor workout for our team on a beautiful sunny afternoon.  Working out is always better with friends – at least we think so.

There’s an app for that! There are apps to remind you to take a break during the work day, apps that give you simple stretches and even an app that can monitor your posture.  Check out these ingenious apps to improve your work health.

Want more?  Check out SHAPE magazine’s tips of 8 things you should do if you work at a computer all day.

Ready for your next desk job now that you know how to care for yourself?  Check out our recently posted positions.