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Spring Into Something New

Julie Johnson headshot.
Julie Johnson
Talent Acquisition Partner
April 7, 2022

Spring has sprung, and flowers aren’t the only things that are blooming anew. Spring is a great time to look for a new job, and the staffing experts at That’s Good HR are here to help you do some spring cleaning on your resume and dust off your interview skills, allowing you to bloom in a brand new career. Check out these tips for starting your spring application process at one of the top organizations in Indianapolis today! 

Spring cleaning your resume

If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your resume, now is the time. Spring cleaning isn’t just for your house … there are a number of things you should clean off your resume too! Outdated or irrelevant job experience could be cluttering up the more important positions and skills you want hiring managers to notice. A few soft skills can be good to include, but too many may look like filler. Try showing off your skills by quantifying them with numbered results and actions. 

Your resume should tell a story, and our resume template is a great place to start. Plus, when you work with a talent acquisition partner at That’s Good HR, we will sit down with you to discuss the most important and relevant skills you can offer a company. We bring a real voice to our candidates’ resumes, giving employer clients a fuller picture of your competency as opposed to them just reading your application online. 

April interviews bring May hiring

Once you’ve got your resume and application submitted, the next step is usually an interview. Many first-round interviews these days are conducted via video call. We’ve got a number of tips to make the best impression on your next Zoom interview. Our biggest tip for this season is to spring clean your video background. Don’t have a dedicated office space? Don’t worry, most people don’t! Just find a quiet spot in your home that has good lighting and a non-distracting wall behind you. 

At That’s Good HR, we can help you get ready for your hiring process with mock interviews, preparing questions to ask of your potential employer and the best way to write a follow-up thank you note. Our number one tip for interviewing is prepare, prepare, prepare!

Dust off your list of goals

If you are in the process of job searching, especially with a transition into a new career field, it’s very important to reassess your career goals. Many people make a list of life goals when they are in college or in an entry-level position, so dust it off and determine what is most important to you at this stage of life. 

We love matching your goals with the right career. Our open positions change on a regular basis. We listen to you and work hard to present you with positions that fit your needs.

Grow your network

Spring is a time of growth in nature, and it can also be a time of growth in your professional network. Don’t be afraid to reach out to friends or former coworkers if they have a connection to the career field or company you’re interested in. Hop back onto LinkedIn to update your profile and look for new connections in special interest groups or high school/college alumni groups. 

And when you work with That’s Good HR, your network expands even further. We’ve paired employers and job seekers in Indianapolis for more than 20 years, and we love matching the best candidate to the right organization. We know this city inside and out, so let us be your go-to team for a new career in HR, administrative, customer service, healthcare or accounting.

Ready to start your job search with That’s Good HR this spring? Submit your resume or contact us today at 317-469-4141 to learn more about our top-notch matching process!